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Characteristics of successful people

  1. Be willing to share. If you are generous to people, they will also be generous to you
  2. Be optimistic . Optimism is always the strongest weapon against failure and bad luck
  3. Be passionate. Passion and interest give us endless strength to pursue everything that is worth our time and effort.
  4. Learn to make plans. A good plan gives us a big picture. We can always know where we are and never get lost.
  5. The ability to carry out your plan. No great success can be achieved without the strong ability to carry out your plan. The ability should be possessed by every single member in the team.

Control Your Mind To Achieve Success.

our mind is most faster than any super computer in the learn something or forget something mind will plays vital role .positive attitude is necessary to keep our mind healthy and stress free.there are few steps to control your mind.

  1. our life is packed with full of responsibilities and so much fun.for this purpose your mind must be stress free to do your duty properly or enjoy happily.stressful mind never have happiness and cause more trouble like unhappiness , feel alone and more.

  2. follow your heart and do whatever you want with happy mind.don’t expect which you can’t because it may hurt if it doesn’t your interest to take new responsibilities and say “Best Of Luck” to yourself.

  3. our mind will reflects what we are giving to it is directly proportional to our input.if we give good thoughts , it give good keep your mind healthy.try to read few inspirational and motivational sentences daily to improve confidence.

  4. practice yoga or meditation to be peaceful of your mind.sit silently half an hour daily , it will create immense power within you and can easily control your mind.

  5. Remember one thing money never gives happiness.a healthy mind and good relationships only can keep you don’t argue with anybody , argument doesn’t give keep your mind healthy and rock the world.mental health is key for any success.

  6. controlling mind is not a simple need more attention and more practice to achieve this.once you start controlling your mind , watch the impossible comes into reality.

Dream Your Life

Nothing is possible until you feel “i can do”.every body have a dreams about their life about how to get rich , successful , being special and grow well .every body dreamed about their goals but how many of them putting effort on is based on what decisions you take , it must be well defined and dream oriented.we dreamed about successful relationships and good name in society , there is a  procedure to get all these things. As Abdul Kalam Said “ Don’t Live In Dreams , Try To Achieve Them”.

if our dreams remains dreams , then life turn into sad side.there is two ways of living 1.just living by oxygen or 2.Dream Driven . the decision is completely in your hands.the most and top barrier for dreams is impossible , the word commonly people feel about.the negative and “ i can’t ” attitude is worst and make you dreamless. if a scientist innovates something or created something ,  there is a invisible force drives him/her.there is a passion to find new things and wan to change this world how it looks.if you are keep on dreaming but not working on it , the result is quite simple as Time Waste and time management and dream oriented working is highly important when you are on the path.without going in much discussion just do the simple step and follow according to that.

Before Doing the following Exercise , wants to tell a small story .One fine day after finishing the dinner i and my brother was going for a brother was doing one business and earning some nice income with good life style.he started talking with some inspirational words and news ,  finally he gave one task to do at tonight. i agreed that and what was that ? . my brother said , take one white sheet and write down all your dreams and desire in your life which you want to get in upcoming that question makes me more interested and think.i went to home just started as my brother says “ i wrote all my wishes and dreams with spending of half an hour time.finally whine i was reading just realized about “is nothing comes in my way which i am going now.” i consulted my brother in very next morning and asked what is the solution for this ? . he simply replied as follows.

paste all your dreams and wishes on wall before your sleeping bed which is visible to you when you woke up.say daily to yourself of “ I Can Do”.this makes you more energetic and dream driven.create your action plan and start working with passion.don’t try to keep your dreams as unrealistic and must be deserved by you.if you have goals with out any hard working , nothing will comes in your way. so without hardworking defining goals is a this case my favourite quotes is ” There is no substitute for hard work ”.if you observe any scientists or successful business man biographies ,  there you will know how they dreamt about their passions to change the world and want to create sensation.hard work never fails in anywhere.

if you see the software offices insides , there will have cubical boxes for employees to work on .Of course it might not be a comfort zone , so you must come out of the comfort zone to express your thoughts and ideas otherwise life will be miserable.if want to achieve something you must possess some skills which is needed in everybody what next ? , come out of your way and take action plan about all dreams.if you set the goals without thinking of any limitations the world will be yours.then there is no chance to saying impossible .even failures teach a lesson so just admire that.once you created your path the sky is limit.finally , dream more , achieve more by work hard .

“ All Time Best Quote :” No Pain ,No Gain

What Is the Great About Friendship ?

Friendship is a some different feeling or affection between two people or many. there is magic in this word and greatness involved,people loved it and give the more importance to it.the happiness increases about the how many friends you have.they must be you well wishers , relatives , and more than a blood relation.if we are in sad mood one good friend is enough to bring out.he can advice and he make a path to our happiness.true friendship never fails and never shows greedy.we feel more freedom with our friends than our parents.because it may be cause of same age or same feelings ,thoughts and so many views.

Friendship exists everywhere. husband and wife have friendship , father and mother have one type of friendship , brother and sister have may be in different forms but ultimate feeling is same.for example we can express our feeling and emotions with friends by very frankly.we may afraid or guilty to show before the parents to express the same one.may be the age problem or miscommunication is a barriers.the true friendship always great and involves  trust in each other.the belief can play a key role here.if you can’t believe the friendship won’t stand in between two people.they must be fell freedom with other and able to express their thoughts freely.they must be comfortable to make a room for themselves.

Here few points to know the greatness about Friendship:              

As already we said that friendship has greatness,

  1. After the marriage every girl have new friends , new relations , and some different atmosphere around that time her husband becomes the best friend.she believes him and walk around with him.Husband is best guide to her about how to behave , how to make relationships better and so many things which is new to her in that place.
  2. Secrets must be avoided to keep your relationship or friendship healthy.share everything and ask for opinions each other then your happiness doubles.a good couple may have different opinions but not secrets.

  3. Friends won’t afraid of problems , if you got one problem then your mind immediately says to ask suggestion from your is main part of whom you make a first call.even we have so many friends but feel only few are your love unconditionally with pure and genuine heart

  4. Communication plays a key role in friendship about how you express your feelings and must not show your jealous or any thing wrong emotion to them.if you got any problem , explain it , ask for help and explain how you are important in this situation.the way you communicate , the way your relationship will be strong.

  5. Believe each other , respecting them and make him feel about he may be great person in your life.share your feeling with more genuine.please always support for their goals and works.give rewards and appraisal that may be lead him in good them how important you are.

  6. if you give the promise to do something , just do it , make your promise alive.if you are unable to do any task what your friend asked just say yes or no very frankly.that may be good for you.don’t feel shy to say no.if you can’t just say boldly.otherwise if you break the promises you may loose the believe in your careful about that.

    Finally , friendship ends for different reasons and situations may acts sometimes.but every problem time has its solution so don’t worry about it.sometimes miscommunication , don’t believe each other and so many reasons would cause for break.Some people won’t live at least one day without talking his friends or meet them.don’t act as a spy to your friend that may not good for healthy friendship.once he started to not believing you ,of course you are nothing more than any write about the greatness of friendship the books and blogs are not enough.just in few words to show my feeling to them that’s it.

Leadership is Not Easy To Manage , Why ?

Leadership is not at all a simple task to manage.there are so many issues are involved .The situations keeps on change, but leader admit that and fight with them.the difficult situation brings the new talent in leader about how he act upon it.the way you deal with situation is always reflects your strength and ability.leader is not at all just having followers but motivate them and lead them.leadership involves trust.positive attitude and self confidence are key players in leadership.follow the people who are already won in the way.hold their hands tight. learn from a good student forever and ever.

Positive Attitude: positive attitude is important for a Leader ,he must believe himself .when the tough situations rises positive attitude shows can stay away from stress with good positive attitude.

Express Boldly:The leader must have his own opinions and managing capability.treat your followers with smile face.don’t show your angry or any negative emotions before may hurts the future performance.

Be a Student Forever: A leader must be willing to learn always , and updates himself periodically.the latest technologies or marketing trends , any new qualifications must adds in his profile.he must be first competitor to all his followers.then only they can inspires from you.leadership need new talents.

Be Attentive: Be attentive on work ,don’t shift your focus on may affects on work the productivity whether it meets the requirements or not.have a analysing capability which makes productivity different and unique.listening capabilities are important to leader better than speaking.

Respect Others:Respect Others , it make good impression on yours.some people always shows their temper and feelings on others but it is not at all others.teach your followers if they are not following properly.give rewards and appraisals.Leadership involves trust.

Attract Them:Attract the people with your posture and style of speaking.always inspire the people which able to work done efficiently.don’t go far.don’t show you are much may feel guilty them.don’t finger on their mistakes.make aware of them and let them try to learn from it.

When situations becomes tighter the team and organization looks on leader you always be prepare for any situation.the creativity and sincerity always give work results.mistakes also good resources to learn but don’t repeat them. so this is why leadership is a not easy task to manage.know the summary of leadership qualities must everybody have, check this article.

skills for success

Work Place

To achieve success in any field you must have some skills even not mentioned anywhere.sometimes these skills will play a important role in your life.

  1. Observe the people who are already working on the same path.try to learn how they are achieved to come this position.
  2. Have good relationship with co - employees and may be helpful somewhere.
  3. don't say yes for everything ,it may give bad impact if you are not completed in on time.
  4. be prepared for the new challenges and keep on updating yourself with latest technologies and soft skills.
  5. Don't complain on others to higher officials , it shows negative impact on your behavioural profile.
  6. Don't feel shy to ask for doubts clarification and interest to learn new things.if you want to be a good leader you must possess a good listening skills.
  7. be on time for anything ,whether it is office , project completion , meetings or whatever it is be disciplined and time managed person.
  8. Following the company etiquette is compulsory rather than you work harder or smarter.the company first looks for your behavior.

These are the few skills are necessary to achieve the success in everybody's life.remember success is a journey not a destination. 

An Advice To Youngers

Jiah Khan

This Lines Are Framed  By Star Director And Producer "Mahesh Bhatt" After The Saddest Moment Of Bollywood Actor Jiah Khan Committing Suicide at her residence in Mumbai .

"Who On The Earth Told You That Fame Insulates One From Security ? Let Me Assure That Once You Get Rich And Famous , Your Self Doubt Will Increases In Leaps And Bounds . In ShowBiz First You Struggle To Attain And Then You Struggle To Retain. Struggle That's Name OF The Game" - Mahesh Bhatt (Director).

There Is No Greater Cowardice Than Enjoying Your Spot In The Sun And Quitting The Stage The Moment Life Gets A Little Rough -Vinita Dawra Nangia.

Some Of The Best Inspirational Quotations.

inspirational quotes
  1. The Best Leader Is Not The One Who Has More Followers,The Best Leader Is The One Who Creates More Leaders.
  2. Life Is What Happens When You Are Busy With Other Plans - John Lennon.
  3. Be What You Are And Say What You Feel ,Stuck With It.  It Doesn't Matter What Others Feel And Think.
  4. we are all surprised  to take care about humanity.the people always sacrifices in order to make money but final we spend total money to cure our health.we are not enjoying our present and future.we are not going to die but feel always worry about living.
  5. Do What You Love ,Love What You Do.

  • it is not important where you are today,but where you will reach tomorrow is important.
  • being a good person is like a goalkeeper no matter how goals you saved .people always remember what you missed.
  • Choose The Job You Love,and you will never have to work ad day in your life.-Confucius .
  • If you succeed in everything you're doing, you're attempting things that are too easy- Warren Buffett
  • The Harder You Hard,The Luckier You Get.
  • Of course, you only live one life, and you make all your mistakes and learn what not to do, and that's the end of you:-Richard P. Feynman

How Build Good Relationship with Others.

Build good Relationship with others

our life span is so little like water bubble which breaks any time.The god will always test us in so many ways  and loads with so many responsibilities and tasks.our duty is just simply do it.accept what you get as they this money minded world we are looking for money,money......Forget that and try to fill happiness in your life.

God will write the name whatever you earn ,so please donate some money to poor people.Kindly have a healthy relationships with others.there are so many ways to build a good relationships.our vedics,epics just mentioning this.lets take marriage, see how it is good to see with relatives,friends .these are everything will happening with good relationships.that is the power of our hindu wedding culture and traditions. 

It doesn't matter how long you lived,but how long others will remember you is there is no much difference between rich and poor people.all are equal.the god will exists everywhere . leave your personal enemies like angry,greedy,jealousy.try to habituate to stay calm and cool.maintain the peace.then see the world how beautifully looks to you.

Nothing You will you until you feel "mine",feel like "ours".the world balancing in this strategy only.the relations are highly acceptable.some people will maintain the distance when they got money.but this is not fare.if you lost everything what will you the real friends and relative are always with you even you are rich or poor.just take care of youself .

 In our life we are passing so many people,everybody won't come with you.they are just passing clouds.but take care about who will become rain and pour on you.we feel very sad when they left us but be confident they will must replace in future.they will love you as you are good relationships are very crucial.

Don't worry what happened it past,it is not in your hands,don't think what happen in might hurts if something not happens what you today is reality, just believe just do it.have a nice day.

Why India Will Become The First Inspiration To Writers.


India,if i listen this name my body will shivers with immense feeling and make me proud as an will never see the culture and traditions can followed that much in anywhere.

India,the name is powerful,love,affection,respect and beyond that. when a writer wants to write something or publish something they never need any other inspiration to begin.if they think once about india they will end with many publications.let we see the some examples how the writer can go ahead.

For Devotional Writers:

If an author want to write the devotional books or publication just go through the our traditions,customs,cultures,religious beliefs and many more will get the new ideas.we have huge library of our traditional scriptures,epics,vedas,upanishads,holy books and no need to go anywhere.if you read one book it will lead you to write 100 books.that is india's culture strength.the meaning of devotion is born in india.

For Historical Writers:

Go and research,the history is written on rocks and framed on stones.every kingdom has it's own story,every king has some it's inspirational touch.every culture has some proofs.they are the symbol of excellence in India.the culture starts from temples what we are seeing in india mostly is.built by our history heroes.the forts,cities.whatnot.of cannot get the time to write book because the time is enough to feel it.Arya,Dravida these are famous cultures in India.

Emperor Ashoka, ChandraGupta,Sri Krishna Devaraya,Chanakya and many more personalities.Those are always rolemodel for younger generations .

For Arts And Classical Writers:

Who loves to write about arts and classics just go through the indian classics in villages where the real indian culture is living.we have the more than 66 types of arts can able to perform by different people.The most famous and worldwide fans are to classical dances called as kuchipudi, bharatanatyam, kathakali, odissi,gujarathi and many more.these are unexceptional and undefinable to go write a book you hardly need may be 6 motnhs but to learn dance we are practiscing from 6 years old.we have most recognized 23 more languages with script.Tamil,Telugu,Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada,gujarati,marathi,and many more.

For Political Analysts:

The Indian Politics Are Always make more heat to leaders and peoples even.if we start the debate on this meanwhile you can find the last search link in google.peoples are always fighting with price hikes,basic developments and welfare schemes.we have huge and democratic constituency run by people.we written for us.we are following to live in good manner. and set some standards and ruling according to just observing this we can write a human weight book.our constituency provide the right to live anywhere in country.when some countries won't allow to live properly in native place.the religions are just like brotherhood feel,no thoughts on this.A hindu will invite muslim to sankranthi to celebrate.a muslim will invite hindu to celebrate ramjan.a christian will invite to all to celebrate christmas.

For Economics Writers:

we have the large economic system in the world.we have set of standards to run this and operate this.our leader will suggest this. The Finance minister will take care this.The reserve bank will control all nationalised and other banks.we have some boards to control the money and not to flow in illegal way.SEBI,RBI and some others will always take care about to strengthen the Indian power.India is always ready to face any challenge will come up.we are the global leaders in market.we can set the strategy to market. the top companies will always think that to launch the product first in india.because if they get market here it will automatically shows it's capability in other markets.that is our economical strength.

For Social Development And Poverty line Writers:

India means not only the development ,it has another shade also. india fighting with poverty from so many years.growing population is big drawback to it.the productivity of food grains and food products becoming much governament not able to supply everyone with fulfil.we are importing so many types of grains, materials,goodies and many more things from foreign countries . India facing more troubles in this issue. whatever it is end of the day India will overcome this problem and become the superpower to rule this world .it gonna happens in few years.


India has so many problems like terrorism,naxalism, poverty, and corruption like so many things have to work on.End of the day we can see the new india with tagged a name as superpower to rule the world.but this may take few years,few decades or few months. anyway we can always predict the game by looking current progress.we are also part in that.we have to give our support directly or indirectly.just cheers and feel proud as An "Indian".So thats why india becoming the first inspiration to writers or authors.

Keep Your Mind Always Ready To Accept Information.

Listening skills are necessary for who want to become a good leader or self-improvement.information must key part in the game. for this purpose you try to keep your mind to accept information.

Once there is a man called raju,he always fell himself as " i know everything",he will use to tell everybody's before them to make them feel guilty.His mind not willing to listen is anybody want to say something.then story goes like this.

one day a sage came to his village and giving his devotional speeches to people and everybody feel good about it.But raju want to test sage and went to ask teach something to him.sage founded his behaviour and want to teach lesson.

The very next day sage call raju and offered a tea to drink.then sage pouring the tea in raju's cup ,he continues pouring tea but raju didn't understand what he is doing.the cup is overflowing and and floats to towels and everything just got tea stains.then raju asked the sage , "sir what are you doing,you cannot fill it any more.then why are you doing this."

The Sage Replied then this what i want to tell you,"your mind thinking like i know everything",in this attitude you cannot learn be prepare your mind to ready to accept cannot get the infomormation when the time is over.

So don't show your knowledge who cannot understand or unable, just try to teach them.if you show you are much knowledgeable they may feel guilty.don't show your just empty your cups and go ahead.And Every person have some useful information which you don't are not that much knowledgeable person .So everybody have their own and different talents,so don't make fun at them. Listening is one of the important qualities of a leader . Information is the key to reach heights and best knocks.


"Keep Your Mind Always Ready To Accept Information,

Don't Show Your Conceit,otherwise you cannot learn anything".

Inspired From Robin Sharma's "Leader Who Had No Title."

Narayana Murthy backs to Infosys As A Executive Chairman.

Narayana Murthy
Photo : Courtesy With insaights

The Legend Backs To Infosys To Set Right The Instability happening in Infosys.The Team Management Believes Again His Strategic And Actioned Plan Thinking to setright the company strategy on good way.

we know the leadership lacking from past few years when murthy left the infosys.even though the banking monster K.V.Kamath won't show any influence on Software Industry.Investors , clients , employees losing the confidence in this the rocking performer backs to on screen.

Day by day operations are ruining , employees are losing confidence,investor and share markets are getting down ,in this horrible situation Mr.Narayana Murthy on Knife Edge .

Anyway the markets are already boost up by his coming up.he resigned in infosys as board of directors in past 7 years back.but the company have no any other alternative to pull out in this situation except murthy.

So board of directors form the meeting and decided to setback murthy upto 5 year long this time murthy will take a sinlge rupee as a salary.another glismping moment is his son rohan narayana murthy apposinted as his assistant and he also ask to pay the salary an amount of 1 rupee.The Retirement Rules Are Change In Infosys Fro 60 years to 75 years as it is convinience of Murthy.

I Didn't Expect This: 

After Taking Responsibilities As A Executive Chairman He Talked With Press meet,he goes like this

1.i have divorced with infosys completely.

2.i didn't expected this in anytime will come back.

3.i have observed so many work to do after the retirement but now happens is different, K.V.Kamath Asked Me To Come back Infosys as A Chairman,I Just Shocked and Got Dilemma.

4.Absolutely this is second innings to me,this time my son rohan will support me as a executive assistant.i am very thankful to all.

5.Infosys 3.0 is what we planned ,but it is not individual it is company done.shibulal will lead this team.this has three strategic plans included.

  1. Giving Support To Clients And Keep Them Happy.
  2. increase the productivity,And services in regular basis.
  3. develop the huge applications and keep maintenance.

How Infosys Started:

Murthy And His six Co Engineers started the infosys with just 250$ in 1981 ,in this 30 years their hard work make this company is best company for outsourcing,and services section.the first company listed in america's worth becomes nearly 40,000 crores organization.

Role In Infosys:

  1. 1981-2002 - CEO.
  2. 2002- 2006 - Chairman.
  3. 2006 - 2011 - Executive Chairman.
  4. 2011 - He Resigned.
  5. 2013- jun-1 - executive chairman (back to infosys.)

Mental Health Is Key For Any Success.

1.mental health is belongs to psychological feeling and it states how  well being of your mind.a healthy mind is a storage of fresh ideas. the fresh ideas will always comes from fresh mind,if your mind is disturbed and you are always think about in some mood this is not at all good work.

2.when you thinking for success the mind will work as fast as you can,this is achieved only when you are good at healthy mind.some people will present physically and absent mentally. mental health always key for success.some of the people will become mentally disturbed by over studies , and overthinking about keep stay away from it.

4.when you feel lonely,when you are ignoring by others,and attacked for some reasons,it may lead to some mental distress.these are the most terrible killers of mental be aware of it.

5.we think the most developed country is United States Of America is most have the mental distress patients.the psychiatrists are more demanded in America.if anyone completed the psychiatrist can go for and earn more dollars.


So when you feel lonely ,and ignoring by others please don't go under depression,it may lead dangerous please go and join some voulonteer association and do meditation daily.this will keep you mental health good and perfect being.

Be Inspired Always.

Inspiration Is A Key To Success.When You Think Going To Achieve Something,The Inspired Power Will Bring Back You To New Heights The Power Will Generates Within You to Achieve Something And Get Something.The World Become Easier and Support You To Get Something.The Inspiration Is Always Matters whether You Lose Or Win.

Every Game Must Be Some Information Gainers. Those Who Harness the Power Given By The World,They Can Achieve Anything.Get Inspiration From Famous Leaders,Long Speeches,Inspirational Talks.Be An Attentive Always,Be A Good Listener.The World Will Become yours.If You Plan To Get In Future Be Prepare For Today,And Have A Remember Everyday, Think About Itself,Be Inspired Always.Keep Clear Picture In This Mind.Say To Your Self "I Will Get It,I Will Get It." This Makes More Inspire To You And good Human Being In Success Always.

If You Want To Buy a New Car,First Get A New Image Of Itself And Paste  to Your Front Of Window Which Is Easily Viewable When Woke Up,Every Day After  You Woke Up Your Mind Will Concentrate On Good Posture And Try To Things In Favour Of Car Buying.And Believe Yourself In Huge Way,The Way You Get It.the Way You Believe The Way things Will Work Out For You.Finally And do The Action Plan.the Strategy and Work Will Lead You Finally To Achieve The Great Work To Emphasize The New Car.At End Of The Day The Car Will Appears Before On You.

"Nothing Is Magic In The World,The Total Depends Upon How You Believe And How You Act Upon You.first Believe Yourself, Then World Will Act In Your Way."

Don't Afraid To Fail.

Life Is Mixed With Struggles,Happiness, Feelings, Emotions,Good , Bad,and Everything We Daily Seen On Our Life Styles. But Don't Afraid To Fail . The Good Person Always Admits the Mistakes.But He Can Learn From It.Those Who Do the Mistakes Can Gain More Knowledge Than Others,But He Never Do Again.the Mistakes Make You More Perfect,But Don't Have A Tag Like Mistake Man.Some People Always Feel About If Something Went Wrong,and Fear OF failure.So Don't Afraid To Fail.

Sometimes Failure Is Also Needed To Soften Your Career and Make More Brighter.The Main Aspect Is Failure Is Also Needed Some times.When You Are Failed Don't Try Hide Those Things Or Cover.Learn From Those Mistakes and Have A Nice Inspiration From Those Mistakes.Always Be Prepared For Next Challenge.And Never Make Same Mistakes Again And Again. So It Is Good to Fail.Of course You Are Not Failing Means,you Are Not Growing.

Mistakes Will Teach Us How To correct In Future,Success Teaches How To Go In correct Again And Again.So Both Are Good for Your Be Inspired Always,The Great Leader Always Admits Mistakes.Thus the Leadership Builds.Inspirations And Motivations Are Always Helps You In Good Way And Make You A Perfect Man Itself. So Now A Days Onwards Don't Afraid To fail.

Top Qualities Need When Are Looking For Success.

  1. When We Want To Do Something , Or Something To Plan , Obviously We Pray For  God To The Things Happen Good Way.But Putting The Total Responsibility On God Is A Foolish Thing. Do Your Work,And Then Wait For Results.God Must Be Help You.
  2. When We Are On The Way ,It May Be Mixed Up With The Difficulties And So Many Confusions,But It Doesn't Affect You Any More.Just Believe Your Self And Have Done Work Sincerely.Always Say To Yourself This "I Can Do This,I Can Do This...",This Makes You More Perfect Guy.
  3. The Energy Needed For Success Doesn't Comes From Anywhere,This Nature Gives You The Strength,And Motivate You Forward.
  4. Problems Are Just Like Clothes In Washing Machine, It Will Twist You,It Will Flip You,It Will Make You Uneasy But At The End You Will Come Out Very clear And New Look.
  5. EveryDay On Morning After Woke up Look Your Face Into The Mirror And Have A Small Smile On Your Face,See The Magic You Will Be More Handsome Or Beautiful Than Ever.This One Makes You Build more Confidence.
  6. Generally As A Human Mentality We Need Appreciation For Something We Do.f You Do Something In Alone,Just Praise For Yourself And Reward Yourself, Appreciation Doesn.t Comes From Anywhere It Comes Out From The Real Heart With Non contaminated.
  7. Enjoy The Every Moment In Life,The Commitment Always A Key To Get Something,You Must Sacrifice Something.Be Prepare For That.
  8. You Are The Owner Of Your Happiness,It Must Be Do Yourself Only.So Be Happy Always.If Something Going Wrong,Don't Feel,No Problem Sometimes Misktakes Are Happens,Just Admit The mistakes,Learn From The Mistakes.Take Care About Future Proceedings And Try To Avoid The Mistakes.
  9. Mistakes Make You More Perfect And It Makes You More Understandable And Future Player.If You Are Not Doing The Mistakes ,It Means You Are Not Finding New Ways.Thats It.
  10. Life Is Depends Upon The What Decisions You Take,And Beliefs. Believe Yourself Than Anything Else,According To The Magnetic Theory "The Opposite Polls Will Attract" ,But According To Human Theory "The Same Polls Will Attract".If You Believe Something,The World Prepare For Itself To Give Something what You Expected.

Most Worryful Things In Life

In Life Some Time We Worry For When our loved things or some cases we normally worry about.

  1. Losing Your Job.
  2. Death Of A Loved One.
  3. Separation From Your Spouse.
  4. Illness.
  5. Shifting To A New House,City Or Job.
  6. Newer Responsibilities At The Work.
  7. Financial Crisis

Be Aware Of Who Are Trying To Kick You.

We May Face So Many Situations In A Life,These Are May Be Good Or Bad.The People Who Surround Us Make More Impact On What We Are Doing.We Must Aware About What Others Are Influencing On Our Lives.The Life Must Be Chill And Cool But when We Got Some Difficulties We Will Become More Strong And More Wiser.So Every Aspect In Life Must Be Aware And Know The Importance Of It.The Life Is Depends Upon The Decissions We Take.These Are Must Be Worhful To Your Living And Make You More Clear.Here We Can Look About One Important Aspect In Life Which Is Most Common In Everyone's Life.

"Some Of The People Are Always Trying to Take Chances In Other's Life In This case We Have To More Careful And Attentive.Just Like When We Got More Money Or Fame , Some Will Try To Encash It.They Will Come Around Us Doing Surprises.These Are Just Like Ants Which Will Surrounded By Sugar.If Our Fame Or Wealth Goes They Will Disappear.So We Must Be Careful When This Type Of People Are Knocking At You Or Try To Mess with You.These Are Not Good For Your Personla Life.The Real Companions Are Always Real,They Will Be With You In Happiness As Well As Difficulties,So Stick With This Type Of People And Make Your Life More Enjoyable And More Clear."

"Friends Are The Backbones Of Life ,they will Make You Great And Kick Down To Bottom,But Is Totally Depends Upon What Type Of People You Are choosing."


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