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Narendra Modi Launches BHIM Payments App to Simplify Digital Transactions

After demonetization we eagerly waited for next move by our beloved prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi in process of curbing black money and to increase cashless transactions , he launched BHIM stands for BHARAT INTERFACE FOR MONEY by paying tributes to Shri. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.
This app can do miracle in online payments and works even without internet - Shri.Narendra Modi 

Let's see the features and how it works.

  1.  It's linked with mobile number. Whenever you want to pay, just enter merchant mobile number, enter amount and hit send. amount will be credited automatically to his bank account. 
  2. Similar to Paytm , merchant can generate his own QR code to easier payments for customers. When customer scans QR code, it will retrieve the merchant details and customer can begin the transaction. 
  3. Customer/merchants doesn't require to use smartphone and even a basic mobile works use BHIM just dial *99# , it will show you the menu for desired options like money transfer, history, balance checking etc. 
  4. Now upto 10,000/transaction is possible and max can do upto 20,000/day in a day. 
  5. This app works as a debit card and so no need to load any money into wallet. so there is no worry about failure in sending to bank where as Paytm faced several issues in money transfer to bank. 
  6. All major banks supporting this app like SBI , HDFC , ICICI , AXIS , etc.
  1. No frill payment
  2. No issues of internet connectivity
  3. No need to worry about language of interface
  4. Smartphone penetration is no more a issue
  5. Data is more secured with the government rather any private player
I would just say, this is the best move taken by the government to promote digital payments in India, without causing much hassles to the major illiterate population.

How will it work?

Merchants will have to download the Aadhar cashless merchant app on their smart phones, connected to a biometric readers, which will be available for Rs 2000. The customer will put their Aadhaar number into the app, select the specified bank and the biometric scan will work as the password. 

As of now this app available only on PlayStore and very soon for IOS. Download BHIM Payments App

Golden Tweet Of The Year 2016

After much trolled by netizens on Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli's poor performance , this tweet was happened which supports her.

Special Discounts On Flipkart App


Now its time to go mobile. the biggest online store in india is "Flipkart" going to give the huge and heavy discounts on mobile app. you will get more discounts through app purchases. so guys get ready for best deal.

why flipkart and others giving more discounts on app ?

A. from a quora thread makes you understand that many reasons to push app purchases.

  1. there is a higher rate of purchase conversion on mobile devices. customers always loves to make the purchase in simple way.
  2. to promote the app and being ahead on mobile commerce. ( m-commerce)
  3. they can catch the customers situation about dilemma of purchasing.
  4. easily accessible and able to give the more recommendations based on customer searches.
  5. Mobile traffic is always less than online traffic. this is also one of the reason to divert the attention to App.
  6. anyway end of the day customers will get the additional benefits. :)
Credits : Flipkart and Quora

Website Review :

Do you Want complete SEO Report For Free? Here is a website called is good solution for it. this website will deeply analyses into your website and highlights major SEO issues in your website. Generally this website will shows the issues in following categories. 
  1. Common SEO Issues
  2. Speed Optimizations
  3. Server & Security
  4. Mobile Usability
  5. Social Media
Here i attached a sample image of my website , which is showing some common issues and some important fixes . the overall rating is 68/100 . This website will check the all major aspects in SEO like 
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords
  4. Most common keywords test
  5. Keyword Usage
  6. Headings Status ( H1 , H2 , H3 And H4 etc)
  7. Robots.txt ( Now every website needs Humans.txt)
  8. Sitemap Test
  9. Favicon Test And Validation
  10. Page Objects
  11. Code To Text Ratio
  12. URL SEO Friendly Test
  13. Broken Links Test
  14. Google Analytics Code Test
  15. Underscores in Links Test
  16. Google Page Rank Test
  17. Alexa Page Rank Test
  18. Image Alt Text Test
  19. Inline CSS Test
  20. Media Print Test
  21. Google Preview
  22. Keyword Cloud
  23. Deprecated HTML Tags
Speed Optimizations 
  1. HTML Page Size Test
  2. HTML Compression / G Zip Test
  3. Page Cache Test
  4. Flash Test
  5. Nested Table Test
  6. Image Expires Tag Test
  7. Doc Type Test
  8. Site Loading Speed Test
  9. Java script And CSS minification Test
Server And Security 
  1. URL Canonicalization Test
  2. Directory browsing Test
  3. LibWWW-Perl Access Test
  4. Server Signature Test
  5. Plain text Email Test
  6. Website IP Check
  7. IP Canonicalization Test
  8. Safe Browsing Test
Mobile Usability Test 
  1. Mobile Query Responsive Test
  2. Mobile Snapshot
Social Media 
  1. Social Media Check
  2. Social Media Activity.

Time to say goodbye to Orkut

After 10 years of service Google announced “orkut will be unavailable after September 30 , 2014”. this news was posted by the "Paulo Golgher" , Engineer Director Of Orkut . after the facebook and twitter domination many websites are disappeared from the Internet , the same situation now comes to orkut.

this is created by the Google employee "Orkut Buyukkokten"now orkut stops the new user registrations but no problems for existing user to access their photos, communities and this time about they mentioned for shutdown you can save your photos to Google takeout. according to the some websites most of the users are from Brazil and India for orkut. so many Google products like  Google video , Buzz , And Wave no orkut comes into the club of discontinued services  .

Orkut says “tchau” , it is a Brazilian and Portuguese word that means “Bye” , want to know more about the details of shutdown and reasons for it.Why orkut is shutdown on the Orkut Blog ? and finally the orkut lovers use the orkut services as you like until the shutdown , “Hats off to you”. great work but unlucky.Don’t worry , Google+ is best alternative for it.

5 websites to search pincode easily

When you are sending a letter to nearer and dearer ones writing the correct pincode is necessary , sometimes letters or telegrams may delivers even without writing a pincode but writing the pincode will improve the chances of correct delivery. Now we see the finding of a pincode for exact location or city where you friends or relative are living.there are so many websites and tools are available on Internet but i feel the following websites are very easy to search pincode respectively with location based pin code search or city/villages.
  1. Location Based Pincode Search : if you want to send a letter or parcel through India post in city the tool will shown here is useful. there is no problem in sending letters to villages because the names you write for recipient are few are only same but what about in the cities?So India post introduced the pincode search  based on location , it mostly available for the top metro cities and some top municipal corporations but very useful for all.this tools includes all villages , cities and area wised search will shown an example here.
  2. : This website contains all the list of post offices having in a single district/city , this website used for easy and quick reference to know the exact pincode of the city or will shows the taluk/mandal of the villages and where it is located through the Google maps.
  3. : this website provides a nice interface to search the pincode in drop down list , suppose if you want to send an letter to village / hamlet but you know only village name then this tool will help you sort out pincode with alphabetical searching this site all villages and cities are arranged into alphabetically , so just know the starting one or two letters of the village name then find as given as below.
  4. : This website was designed by the top tech blogger “Mr.Amit Agarwal” . this website is completely powered by Google maps API and designed with some other css codings to show the exact locations of the areas with proper address even.Really l loved this site when i using. here is an example for few.
  5. : this is the most top widen usage in the pincode search and best resources for pincode data.this is the official website for postal departments and pin codes related data.some website may contains one pincode instead of exact pincode but this is the official one to use . so much helpful in finding of village and belongs to which taluk or will provide the postal regions and contact number of respective post offices.among all websites running by central government this was updated continuously next to Indian railway.
However if you observe closely , the every website on the Internet related to the pin codes is completely a mirror website to India post but the way the designed and giving user interface for netigens is important.there are so many others are available but i feel these are good enough while searching the pincode and related details. you need to mention the proper landmarks and door no. and exact recipient details on the box or parcel to get proper delivery.use this website to search the pin codes and avoid  missing or diverting your valuable letters or parcels.

Website Review :


A famous website which is covering about our political leaders like assets , criminal cases and winning and lose details in the mainly extract the information from election affidavits submitted by the candidates. while submitting the affidavit the candidate must submit the all details like age , spouse , education,  assets , criminal cases all relevant details.

This website displays the all information about candidates with their win and loses in previous election. youth is playing vital role in the India's before you going to vote in anywhere so go through this website and make your vote very valuable.Every vote is important , because in single vote difference histories can be created. so don't neglect to vote for the silly reasons.go to this website to know the more details by constituency wise

It is covering even small villages / hamlets in many states and all the information is neatly displayed so no one can escape from days elections becoming much costlier due to distribution of gifts , money and thing is very clear the every candidate looks for the returns against whatever he spent in elections. so be aware of it. try to avoid this type of politicians and elect the best who can do the good development  and make you happy.

So reading information in affidavits is not a crime , so if you want to check out the affidavits submitted by candidates just log into official website

Website Review : is a famous directory website for India, after so many times searching for information finally i satisfied with this website.this website contains complete information about all details you required about village names , city name , pin codes , hotels available near by  schools , colleges ,tourist places and what i will give you brief explanation of all services this website offers to us.mainly this website useful for.According to the alexa rankings the website is most popular one in India.

1.To Find Village Name OR Area In City
2.Pin codes
3.Tourist Places
4.Schools Or Colleges
5. Distance Calculator , Banks IFSC Codes And City Bus Routes
1.To Find Village Name Or Area In City : the following  animated pictures will shows the how to get the village name and area in city. if you are a researcher or interested to know the village names or city names , just follow the website , you will get more information.this website almost includes every village and hamlets in rural displays the basic details like population in the city and village , near by railway stations , bus station , schools and colleges more greatest thing is showing temperature and weather forecast up to coming 3 days excluding current day.

2 .To Find The Pin codes :   To find the pin codes there are so many website are available , this is one in that .to find the pin code and related maps , direction you can use this website as the following animated picture will show you how to find the pin codes of required place.

3. Tourist Places : To find the tourist places go to “tourist places “ link at top of the page.this website covered all tourist destinations including near by airports , near by railway stations and good locations too see very nearer to it.Here an example of Agra , Taj Mahal is showing which is located in Uttar Pradesh.

4.Schools And Colleges : Here so many colleges and schools are added in this you will get an overview of an area information's and contacts of the college.there is facility like you can add the school or college by your some examples will be few simple selects the information whatever you want is displayed in seconds.

5.Distance calculator , Bank IFSC codes , And City bus routes : Here most of the website is powered by the Google maps and directions to show the places , navigations and more .so you may feel Google maps are playing vital roles in this website but the Techie Mr.jagan Eedula used those services very effectively , so we can’t say he don’t put his transfer the amount from one account to another account in online the IFSC codes are very placed all banks codes by area wise. to know the distance from one area to another , there is facility to check the distance on the maps and approximate travel time just like on Google maps more best thing is to find the city bus is showing the bus routes with bus stops between the route.

6.To find the Temperature , Bus Services , And Some Miscellaneous Tools : Up to now most of the services are covered who mostly searched for , but this website offering more services like weather forecasting , bus services , distance calculator , searching places and trace the mobile number location if you are getting missed call from anywhere in India.this is the famous website got much popular in few years after its initial can search geo  locations of an ip address by using search(or) trace ip tools.

Conclusion : We Must appreciate the hard work behind this website and providing free for entire many features in one website that too very easy user interface.hats off to creator and expecting more features in future which is more useful and needful to everybody.The greatest part is customization like Adding your home on maps , college or school ,  your village details , and  pin code changes if found any incorrect.this website contains too many ads thus some time you may feel disturbed. any way the free service also need some revenue to run the website hosting , domain and maintenance , friends go through this website and use the services as you like , if you found any errors or want to give suggestions/feedbacks use the “report an error” link at the top of the page.

i would like to give the rating for this website is “4.5/5”. comments are most welcome.
All images are courtesy with

Top Searched Terms On Google In 2013

Bollywood Sports Politicians Electronics E-Commerce Travel
Sunny Leone Sachin Tendulkar Narendra Modi BlackBerry Phones Macau
Salman Khan Rahul Dravid Rahul Gandhi Google Nexus Maldives
Katrina Kaif Sonia Gandhi Apple I-Pad Google Shopping Mauritius
Sharukh Khan Manmohan Singh Amazon Boston
Honey Singh Jayalalithaa Snap deal Dubai
Kajal Agarwal Arvind Kejriwal Online Shopping Amsterdam
Kareena Kapoor Akhilesh Yadav Banking Singapore
Poonam Pandey Niteesh Kumar E-commerce
Jiah Khan Digvijaya Singh
Sushma Swaraj

Source: Google zeitgeist And Search Engines

Telugu Actors Twitter And Facebook Profiles

    Searching for the Facebook and Twitter Profiles of Telugu cinema actors are few given here.these are the verified accounts who are active and more followers on their communication mediums.Here we are providing some accounts of famous actors like anushka , priyamani , Ram,Lakshmi Manchu , Manchu Manoj , Ram charan and many more .so just follow them never miss any updates from your favourite actor.stay tuned this page to know more twitter or Facebook ( not alternative for regular search on source websites) profiles.
    Twitter Accounts :
      1. Hansika Motwani  - @ihansika
      2. Siddhartha             - @Actor_Siddharth
      3. Manchu Lakshmi   - @LakshmiManchu
      4. Ram Pothineni       - @ramsayz
      5. Priyamani              - @priyamani

          Facebook Accounts :

    Kajal Agarwal @ImKajalAggarwal
    Lakshmi Manchu @lakshmimanchuofficial
    Manchu Manoj  @actormanchumanoj
    Nani @ActorNaniOfficial
    Rana Daggubati @RanaDaggubati
    Samantha @samantharuthofficial
    Prabhas @ActorPrabhas
    Jr.NTR @jrntr
    Anushka @AnushkaShetty
    Ram Charan @AlwaysRamCharan
    Vennela Kishore @VennelaKishore
    Source:Facebook And Twitter
    More Accounts Will Be Added Here Once Facebook or twitter verified their accounts With their verified tags

    Top Eight cities In Internet Use

    While research conducted by Internet And Mobile Association Of India( IAMAI) , the following cities are ranked as most internet usage cities in india.Here the table shown with users count in millions  with respected cities.

    Top Eight Cities In Internet Use
    Name Users(In Millions)
    Mumbai 12
    Delhi 8.1
    Hyderabad 4.7
    Chennai 4.5
    Kolkata 4.4
    Bangalore 3.8
    Ahmedabad 2.8
    Pune 2.7
    Source : IAMAI ( Internet And Mobile Association Of India)

    Recent Changes In Chrome And Google Search Homepage

    Google Home page

    Chrome :

    1. get the Google search homepage on every tab you open.
    2. chrome adds the "recently closed tabs" in settings panel.use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+T" to reopen the closed tabs one by one.
    3. Chrome adds the "Apps" tab in chrome bookmarks access all your apps with single click on apps tab in bookmarks bar. 
    Google Homepage :

    Google Grid Menu

    1. When you open the new tab in Google chrome it will displays search bar and some websites you watched previously.This is just like a speed dialer which is already had by famous browser called " Opera".the users can access the websites easily .
    2. previously all Google services are placed in top of Google search page , but now it now comes with in a grid at left side of the page .

    World vs China

    World vs China

    Everybody knows most of the top websites are blocked in china and some other countries due to various reasons is best known to netizens. Here a simple list of websites is china using instead of whole world using for the sharing , searching , messaging and for some other services.what do you think about this ? .

    Windows XP And Office 2003 Have No More Support From Microsoft .


    According to the reliable sources like Computer Emergency Response Team, India and Microsoft gave an announcement to xp and office 2003 users like this.there is no more support from Microsoft to xp and office 2003 from now. however they gave one year time for upgrade to latest version.

    Windows XP Released In 2001 and served more than 12 years and still but it extended its support until April , 8 , 2014 for windows XP SP 3 and Windows XP x64  with SP2 versions.they extended support for Windows XP Embedded ends on January , 4 ,2016.   so this is time for upgrade to latest version like Windows 7 or 8.

    Windows 8 is came with stunning features and trending now in 7 already hit the market few years back.these are the major operating system now.if you are do not upgrade from xp to any latest version it may easy to hacking and steal your personal information.

    Microsoft doesn't provide any updates or security patches to keep your information secure. Microsoft Office 2013 have excellent features for office and personal use.even most users still continuing with by day they are updating with new features and security updates for newer versions.but now the time comes to say good bye for XP and Office for their contribution in our daily life .

    So before ending their support and updates for XP And Office 2003 , please upgrade to Latest versions to safe and secure.

    Sources : CERT India , Microsoft And Wikipedia .

    Automatic Message Translation In Gmail

    Translate Message

    Are you receiving mails in different languages or foreign languages which is can't readable by is the solution. Gmail blog introduces the message translation header in message translate the text you received ,just open the message you received and click the header in "more" options tab which is show in above image.the text will be automatically translated.

    Simple Steps To Follow :

    1. Login into Gmail
    2. Open the message you received
    3. click the "more" tab is located at the right side of the message.
    4. the dropdown will shows the above image , then
    5. click the Translate Message Header
    6. Finally, The Message will Automatically Translated To English.

    The Software Industry in India

    There is a vital role of software industry in India by providing lot of employment and  creating excellent opportunities to young entrepreneurs.the majority of the revenue sources only from India.most of the companies operating their offshore services from India .there is huge demand for Indians who are ready to work for and make a career in this field.this is the equal opportunity to everybody.  some of the companies are always fighting to reach the top position in revenues , stacks and earn clients satisfaction.India Best provider for cheap and best employees ,so this is one reason top MNC’s are looking for.

    Top Software Companies in India ,There are plenty of software companies in India which have been doing well. However, some of the top Indian software companies can be listed as:

    1.Tata Consultancy Services

    2.Wipro Limited


    4.HCL Technologies

    5.Tech Mahindra

    6.Patni Computer Systems

    7.i-flex Solutions


    9.L&T InfoTech

    10.IBM India

    11.Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS)

    Software Companies in India:
    1. Aditya Technologies Pvt Ltd
    2. Asset Infotech Ltd
    3. Atari Informatics Ltd
    4. Baan Info Systems India P Ltd
    5. HCL Info systems Ltd
    6. Hexaware Technologies Ltd
    7. I flex Solutions Ltd
    8. IGATE Global Solutions Ltd
    9. Infosys Technologies Ltd
    10. Larsen & Toubro Ltd
    11. Mastek Ltd
    12. NIIT Ltd
    13. IBM India
    14. Aftek
    15. Nucleus Software
    16. Vakrangee Softwares
    17. Cybertech Systems
    18. Eonour Technologies Ltd
    19. Patni Computer Systems (P) Ltd
    20. Polaris Software Lab Ltd
    21. B-commerce Infosystems Pvt Ltd
    22. Cerulean Information Tech. Pvt Ltd
    23. CMC Ltd
    24. CMS Computers
    25. HCL Corporation Ltd
    26. Satyam Computer Services Ltd
    27. Tata Consultancy Services
    28. Tata Infotech Ltd
    29. Wipro Ltd
    30. Cranes Software
    31. Geometric Software Solution
    32. Computech International
    33. Encore Software
    34. DSQ Software
    35. Digital Globalsoft
    36. Danlaw Technologies
    Top BPO Companies:
    1. TCS BPO
    2. Infosys BPO Ltd.
    3. Wipro BPO Solutions
    4. Cognizant
    5. HCL BPO
    6. HP India
    7. MphasiS BPO
    8. Intelenet
    9. IBM Daksh
    10. Genpact
    11. Tech Mahindra Ltd.
    12. Aegis Ltd.
    13. WNS Global Services (P) Ltd.
    14. Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
    15. CSC India Pvt. Ltd.
    16. Hinduja Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    17. Convergys India Services
    18. Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.
    19. First source Solutions Ltd.
    20. L&T Infotech Ltd.
    Top Multinational Companies:
    1. IBM
    2. Microsoft
    3. Coke
    4. Pepsi Co
    5. Pfizer
    6. Aventis
    7. Novartis
    8. Procter and Gamble
    9. Siemens
    10. Nestle
    11. Cadbury
    12. Nokia Communication
    13. Samsung
    14. LG
    15. British Petroleum
    16. Vodafone
    17. Reebok
    Top Pharma Companies:
    1. Ranbaxy
    2. Dr Reddy's Laboratories
    3. Cipla
    4. Sun Pharma Industries
    5. Lupin Labs
    6. Aurobindo Pharma
    7. GlaxoSmithKline Pharma
    8. Cadila Healthcare
    9. Aventis Pharma
    10. Ipca Laboratories
    Top Manufacturing Companies :
    1. Tata Steel
    2. Jindal Steel
    3. Larsen & Toubro
    4. Apollo Tyres
    5. Videocon
    6. Haldia Petrochemicals
    7. Godrej & Boyce
    Top Financial Companies:
    1. Bajaj Capital Limited
    2. ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India)
    3. HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited)
    4. Birla Global Finance Limited
    5. ING Vysya
    6. Kotak Mahindra
    7. Tata AIG
    8. Max New York
    9. MetLife India
    10. LIC
    Here The List Of Software Industry And Some Main Industries From Different Fields.These Are The Main Players In Employment.

    Learn Courses in Online For Free.


    Internet brings education also comes no need to go anywhere to learn anything.if you want to learn it just need one system and internet we will see some online sites providing free courses for web designing,testing,networks and programming.get ready for it.

    1. is the best online classroom for website designing tutorials like Html , javascript , ASP , php and Mysql. it providing workspace to customize the code while you learn. This site also includes how to learn the website development and steps.
    2. providing free courses in online from the realtime experts.this site includes the tutorials of programming , testing , networks , website designing, algebra,  statistics , physics , game development and artficial intelligence courses.this site continuosly updating with new videos on different courses.
    3. providing almost 380 courses on various topics like programming , networks , software engineering , physics , mathematics , law , social sciences and many more.go throguh the website to know the full details.
    4. is best and recommended site for beginners and experienced in c and c++ programming.the prograaming tutorials are neatly provided with can eaily understand and learn.
    5. want to interact with experts and learn from them,then go for online professional communities like and linkedin. providing interaction with technical experts in different is conducting online webinars daily.go and read the  full details in Expert Speak section.

    Convert PDF Files To Word In Online

    PDF to Word

    if you want to convert the pdf files to word in online here some websites are providing free can easily access in online without installing any software.

    1. providing free online conversion of pdf files to is also supporting word to pdf option.the above image shows the file size to upload any pdf file.if you are programmer you can download the SDK kit from this site can customize pdf files for your website apps.the java sdk is needed to do this.few changes can give awesome experience.
    2. is 100%best and free tool to convert the files in different formats.the pdf file can able to convert into Excel,Powerpoint,Word And Same time you can send pdf files directly to E-mail.Reversley you can convert all type of excel,word,powerpoint files to pdf documents.(this is recommended).
    3. is 100 % best and free tool supports different types of can convert pdf to Docx , and doc formats.some other types of formats are also can support upto less than 30MB files.
    4. is also one of the best tool to conver the pdf files to different can conver an webpage to padf by entering it's url.the image to pdf conversion is also to convert the text files to pdf files.
    5. you can convert the files pdf to word and as well as word to supports Docx and doc formats.

    Google Launches New HP Pavillion ChromeBook.

    Photo Credits to Google And HP

    1. Google Newly Launches HP Pavillion Chromebook With outstanding features.The new chromebook have 14'' inches Display For supporting high resolution games and your favourite videos.The Google Products Are inbuilt like Google Search,Youtube, Hangouts Gives You Awesome entertainment.
    2. Display :14"inches.
    3. Hard Disk:160 GB.
    4. Free Google Cloud Storage:100 GB.
    5. Processor:Intel Celeron Processor.
    6. HD Camera.
    7. Memory Card Slot (MMC,SD).
    8. Bluetooth,And Lock Facility.
    9. Weight:Just 1.8 kgs.

    It is lightweight and easily carriable while you are on drive or gives amazing experience when you use.for more details go to


    Apps (2) Career (5) Devotional (9) E-Commerce (5) Education (10) Friendship (2) General (18) Health (6) inspirations (18) Interviews (4) Leadership (13) Love (6) motivations (9) News (19) Politics (3) Quotes (4) Resume (1) Sports (4) Technology (23) Telugu (5) Telugu Quotes (3) Twitter (1)