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Nice Quotes

nice quotes

  1. Human relations are very important in social , which is differentiate us from animals.
  2. Win your enemies with a smile , they may become friends in future.
  3. Don't release negative emotions ,it may damages your immune system. the healthy thoughts and emotions are good to your life to increase life span.
  4. Set your goal , make a action plan and throw your heart , then watch the magic of how success coming to you.
  5.  I always assign work to lazy people because they can find the simple ways to finish - Bill Gates.

Is Ravana A Hero Or A Villain ?

Ravana Is A Hero:

Ramayana Is Great Epic and Holy book to all Hindu religion people.the story tell about importance of Kama(Desire) is how badly affect us.this is just make to inspire the people to know about such important things .the story along show Ravana is a villain but he had some good qualities.but end of the day we know what happened.

This story was when Lord Rama preparing himself to battle with Ravana.Rama praying for Goddess Durga To ask the enough powers to kill Ravana.immediately Goddess Appeared   and ask for pure Brahmin's who do puja thrice a daily and never misses in a single day.Rama sent his men to search the priest but they never found.Rama was shocked then Goddess saying ask Lord Shiva Help in this issue, he may be help you.Rama sincerely pray for Lord Shiva  and explained the situation.then Lord Shiva Appeared Before Ravana and tells about requirement of priest.Even though Rama want to kill Ravana , His Karma told To do his .Ravana went to Rama as a priest and did puja perfectly.This is one reason Ravana Was a A Hero. He is the Hero To His People.

Ravana Is A Villain:

There is majority of Ravana’s Life Happened before Ramayana.But the story ends with kidnapping of sita and Rama killed him.Ravana belongs to Asura (demons) nature ,he is best and all time great devotee to Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva gave a boon of immortality with a small loophole.using this loophole Rama Killed Ravana.

When Lanka under ruling of Ravana Nobody knows the Hunger.The poor houses also have gold and ornaments.he treat his people like his children.First Lank Was In Under Control Of Kubera ,but Ravana Forcibly Overtaken.Kubera went to god to complaint about it but Ravana Defeated All Of Them. Ravana Ruling All gods With very arrogant nature then gods pleased to Lord Vishnu to solve this.Ravana Got Boon Immortality With exception of  man and animals.So Lord Vishnu Took Rama Avatar And Killed Ravana.Ravana Makes So Many Mistakes ,He Harasses People Outside the Lanka.Sita Kidnapping Was Totally A Framework Written By Gods To know the importance of how Kama badly Affect us.

Villain Character is not just created to run the story , it is one way of knowing the power of god and his strength.”If There Is No Ravana , There Is No Rama in Reason.”These Are the essential characters to show himself.this is the way Ravana was a villain. all quotes from Wikipedia .

Some Of The Best Inspirational Quotations.

inspirational quotes
  1. The Best Leader Is Not The One Who Has More Followers,The Best Leader Is The One Who Creates More Leaders.
  2. Life Is What Happens When You Are Busy With Other Plans - John Lennon.
  3. Be What You Are And Say What You Feel ,Stuck With It.  It Doesn't Matter What Others Feel And Think.
  4. we are all surprised  to take care about humanity.the people always sacrifices in order to make money but final we spend total money to cure our health.we are not enjoying our present and future.we are not going to die but feel always worry about living.
  5. Do What You Love ,Love What You Do.

  • it is not important where you are today,but where you will reach tomorrow is important.
  • being a good person is like a goalkeeper no matter how goals you saved .people always remember what you missed.
  • Choose The Job You Love,and you will never have to work ad day in your life.-Confucius .
  • If you succeed in everything you're doing, you're attempting things that are too easy- Warren Buffett
  • The Harder You Hard,The Luckier You Get.
  • Of course, you only live one life, and you make all your mistakes and learn what not to do, and that's the end of you:-Richard P. Feynman

Telugu Quotes

  1. ఒక మనిషికి నిజమైన ఆనందం నువ్వు సంతోషంగా ఉన్నప్పుడు కాదు, నిన్న చూసినప్పుడు ఎదుటివాడిలో చిరునవ్వు విరిసినప్పుడు. 
  2. ఎన్ని కార్లు ఉన్నా , ఎన్ని కోట్ల ఆస్తి ఉన్నా నా అనేవాడు లేనప్పుడు , నువ్వు పేదవాడి కిందే లెక్క . 
  3. స్నేహితుడిని మించిన ఆత్మీయుడు ఉండడు , అదే స్నేహం వికటిస్తే అతని కన్నా మరో నీచ శత్రువు ఉండడు . 
  4. ఇప్పుడున్న రోజుల్లో మన అనేవాడు కన్నా , పరాయి అనేవాడు మనకు ఎక్కువ సాయం చేసేలా ఉంది , కానీ ఏది మంచో ఏది చెడో తెలుసుకోవాల్సిన బాధ్యత మాత్రం మీదే . 
  5. నిన్ను జీవితాంతం వేలు పట్టుకొని నడిపించే వాని కన్నా , నీ కాళ్ళ మీద నిన్ను నిలబడేలా చేసిన వాడే గొప్ప . 
  6. మనం ఎవరితో ఉంటామో , ఎవరితో నడుస్తామో వర్రీ ఆలోచనలే మనల్ని ప్రేపిస్తాయి , అది మంచి వారి తోనా , లేక చెడ్డ వారి తోనా అన్న విషయం నీ విజ్ఞతకే తెలియాలి . 


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