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Create a business website or online store on mobile app and no computer or coding required

If this is your first time starting up an online store or building a website, it’s best to go with the easier choice and employ a SaaS (Software as a Service) eCommerce platform. Another option would be an open source CMS (Content Management System), however, that is only recommended for more experienced users, or those with a development team at their disposal.
I strongly believe SaaS is the most solid option as it doesn't require technical knowledge, it’s cheaper, and you can get your shop up and running within hours – if not less. In this article i am going to deep dive in an app which powering nearly 3000+ stores worldwide. now to create a website you don't require computer anymore.

With Boomer, you can create and launch a website directly from the app interface and edit the content from the comfort of your mobile phone in less than 5 minutes. You don't need to know anything about the web, coding, or design.

People say starting a business is hard, but Boomer says Building a website doesn't have to be. With our website builder, you can get your business online quickly and easily by following the steps below.

Websites for businesses 

The Boomer Marketing App is a website creator app and digital marketing platform for local and small Businesses. With over one thousand websites, Boomer is a Paradise to small businesses on the web. From online stores to restaurant websites, it's all been done at one place

Step 1: Register a Business with unique domain name

You can add your Business and register a new domain name when you access for a Boomer marketing App. Developing an online brand starts with your domain name. This will be your business site's address on the web. Choosing a domain name that relates to your business name will help your customers get to your site and will make it easier for potential customers to find your site in search results.

If that's unavailable, try adding keywords related to your business. Avoid abbreviations, using numbers to signify words, or any other anomalies that will make it difficult to communicate your domain name to other people. 


Step 2: Choose a template and style your Business site

After you register your domain name, the next step is to start building your online presence.  With Boomer, you'll have access to an assortment of modern templates to choose from, so you can find the one that's right for your business.

Each template is specially designed to look great and make your content stand out. You'll have specific places to put your mission, catalog, contact information, and anything else you want.After choosing a template, you can add your own custom cover pictures, upload your business logo, and choose your company's colors to make your website stand out even more from the competition. 

Step 3: Create pages and structure your site

Now that you've got the basic design aspects out of the way It's time to start anew Building your first website. A site map outlines the structure of your website , how are visitors finding your site. Navigation also includes tools that help users navigate through a site. Sites with parallax scrolling, for example, often include directional arrows to make the site more user friendly . Creating a simple navigation Is the best way to go and your customers get the same rights. What else do they need?

Add multiple Catalog where you can talk about the picture wise or item wise products in menu bar so that your customers can easily get in touch with you. You can even set up a 'Blog' where you can discuss small business related topics, current events, and whatever else is on your mind.  Boomer allows you to create as many Catalogs as you want.

Step 4: Add text, pictures, and the repose of your content

Great text and photos are key to a successful website. People love to see things in action. Create stunning visuals to draw users in to your site. Great images or illustrations are one easy way to do this. With a relatively small set of great photographs, you can show products, people, whatever to entice users to your site.

Most people glide content on the web. That means your headings and first few sentences need to be the most impact. If you want your visitors to read a particular selection of text, make sure it appears next to a striking image. This will draw your visitor's attention and they'll be more likely to read what you have to say.

Your website has only seconds to capture interest. With Boomer, you can also add Photos, Create Offers, Catalogs and Blogs. Your site must focus on your visitors’ interests and address the question of what’s in it for them and how to improve their businesses and lives. 


Step 5: Optimize your site for search engines 

Businesses are growing more aware of the need to understand and implement at least the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). But SEO is more than just title tags and meta descriptions. Search engines like Google and Bing prefer sites that have content relevant to your target keywords as well.Boomer allows add keyword option while building your website. Keywords are related to customer preferred business types as well as customized.

Start for free
Start your business website free, then upgrade to Savvy/Elite/Guru plan when you are ready.

Take your website to go
With Boomer marketing app for iOS and Android, you can edit your website whenever and wherever you wish. Update posts, offers, gallery, catalog anytime and anywhere.

Search engine optimized
Boomer sites are automatically optimized for SEO. Use our Built in keywords that are ready to go with SEO 

Business templates 

From the creators of Boomer Marketing comes the Businesses Templates. With excellent support you just cannot go wrong. Building your perfect template will be a joy, why search further, start building now!

Your own style 

A Professional multi-purpose theme that is designed for people who seeks to make their site with less effort and less time. Boomer Theme will gave the users a easy build up to their site as well as the design will convey the professional look and fell to your visitors. 

Domain name included 

Register a unique domain name using your business name and related keywords.
 This makes it easy for your customers to get to your website and even easier for potential customers to find you in search results. Map your Domain is an immense feature that realy helps users to publish their own domain name. 

Business on the go 

With Mobile View, your Boomer website will automatically be optimized for mobile devices, so your customers can access it anywhere, from whatever device they choose. 

Connect with Customers in Real-time 

Customers can chat with you directly into your app, from your website & your Facebook brand page. Boomer not only allows social media integration to your website, it also lets you integrate with any existing website.  

Live Chat from Website & Facebook

Boomer App Currently supported Payment Gateways Are
  1. PayuMoney
  2. Atom
  3. PesoPay
  4. Doku
Learn more about Website Building on

Website Review :


A famous website which is covering about our political leaders like assets , criminal cases and winning and lose details in the mainly extract the information from election affidavits submitted by the candidates. while submitting the affidavit the candidate must submit the all details like age , spouse , education,  assets , criminal cases all relevant details.

This website displays the all information about candidates with their win and loses in previous election. youth is playing vital role in the India's before you going to vote in anywhere so go through this website and make your vote very valuable.Every vote is important , because in single vote difference histories can be created. so don't neglect to vote for the silly reasons.go to this website to know the more details by constituency wise

It is covering even small villages / hamlets in many states and all the information is neatly displayed so no one can escape from days elections becoming much costlier due to distribution of gifts , money and thing is very clear the every candidate looks for the returns against whatever he spent in elections. so be aware of it. try to avoid this type of politicians and elect the best who can do the good development  and make you happy.

So reading information in affidavits is not a crime , so if you want to check out the affidavits submitted by candidates just log into official website

Welcome to new year 2014

Good Bye 2013 , and grand welcome to new year 2014.Lets hope this new year with more happiness to share.2013 gave some memorable moments to everybody , and lets continue this year too.there are so many ways to start this year beautifully and more effectively.Here few ways to start.
  1. Spread your happiness and don’t worry for small things.
  2. Dream is the oxygen to life , so dream big , achieve big.
  3. Have helping tendency to poor and show some sympathy on them.
  4. Try to learn new things every day, you cannot learn all those things in a single day.
  5. pray daily  your favourite god for at least 15 minutes daily to give energy and confidence on whole days.
  6. when an year changes , you should feel something going to achieve in this new year.
  7. Have smile face always , it is a solution to win friends and enemies too.
  8. Prepare health diet plan by own or consult any nutritionist to improve your healthy life.
  9. Learn forgiving , even though you didn’t make any mistake . one day he/she may realize.
  10. Think Fresh , Eat Fresh , Do Fresh , Keep Your Brain Fresh But Don’t Wash.
  11. Habituate Usage of paper made products instead of plastic covers or polythene bags.
  12. Go Green , Go India . Reduce , Recycle And Reuse.
#New Year 2014 Quote:

"Cheers A New Year , And Another Chance For Us To Get It Right – Oprah Winfrey"

8.5 lakh new jobs expected in 2014: Survey

Almost 8.5 lakh new jobs are waiting in 2014 according to survey.especially most of the jobs are available in FMCG sector.the survey concluded like this in various sectors.
Sector  No.Of Jobs
FMCG 1,50,000
Health Care 1,33,000
IT ,ITES 1,21,000
Retail 86,700
Hospitality 83,400
Banking , Finance 61,400
Production And Engineering 51,500
Education,Training &Consultancy 42,900
Media & Entertainment 42,800
real Estate 38,700
(* Approximate Values)
(Source: Survey)
Lets Pray New Year 2014 Will Bring Happiness In Everybody Face with new acquisitions and recruitments.

Top Searched Terms On Google In 2013

Bollywood Sports Politicians Electronics E-Commerce Travel
Sunny Leone Sachin Tendulkar Narendra Modi BlackBerry Phones Macau
Salman Khan Rahul Dravid Rahul Gandhi Google Nexus Maldives
Katrina Kaif Sonia Gandhi Apple I-Pad Google Shopping Mauritius
Sharukh Khan Manmohan Singh Amazon Boston
Honey Singh Jayalalithaa Snap deal Dubai
Kajal Agarwal Arvind Kejriwal Online Shopping Amsterdam
Kareena Kapoor Akhilesh Yadav Banking Singapore
Poonam Pandey Niteesh Kumar E-commerce
Jiah Khan Digvijaya Singh
Sushma Swaraj

Source: Google zeitgeist And Search Engines

Telugu Actor And Comedian AVS Is No More.

AVS Comedian

Telugu Actor And Comedian AVS Died Today Due to Liver Problems.He Born In Tenali , Guntur on  January 2 ,1957 .This is the 2nd shocking news for telugu  industry after Real Star Srihari's death.we lost great comedian with perfect timing .the only thing we can do is just remember him by watching his comedy scenes.

  1. AVS - Amanchi Venkata Subramaniam 
  2. First Movie is  "Mr.Pellam" in 1993 , Last was "Pavithra" in 2013
  3.  Born On -January 2 ,1957
  4. Died On  - November 8 ,2013 
  5. May His Soul Rest In Peace.
  6. #RIP AVS Garu , Thank You For All These Years , Strength To The Family - Ram Pothineni @ Twitter
  7. Heart Breaking News Of AVS Garu Passing, May His Soul Rest In Peace. Much Strength His Family - Lakshmi Manchu On Twitter.  

Image courtesy : / Search Engines.

Watch Independence day Live On YouTube

The popular video sharing website YouTube giving live exclusive on Independence Day celebrations of India from New Delhi.Honourable prime minister Mr . Man Mohan Singh will give speech about independence day special and other all celebrations will live on YouTube.this live is also on Doordarshan will starts on 6.30 am onwards according to Indian Standard Time.YouTube also provides highlights of the videos agreement made with YouTube and DoorDarshan about this live telecasting said by Mr . Tripurari Saran , Director General Of Door Darshan.

I Feel Very Proud About Hyderabad

Hyderabad Biryani: It is a unbeaten recipe in Andhra Pradesh where available only in Hyderabad.i feel addicted to this.A mouth-watering dish have to taste at least once in a month.No dish can comes closer to you want to taste the original and tasty biryani that one can only available in Hyderabad.

Charminar: Charminar Is becomes the Another name of Hyderabad.If anybody remembers about Hyderabad,immediately Charminar Will Comes to Picture In His Mind.This great monument built in 14th century.this one great place to visit in Hyderabad.This will hit daily more than 10,000 Visitors Daily.This is built By king called “Kuli Kuthub Shaa”  in 14th Century.This is the proudest thing for Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh too.

Sports: When Coming To Sports The Stylish Batsmen VVS Lakshman Is From Hyderabad.Everybody Knows How He Played Against Australia And Another Teams.And So Many Players From Hyderabad Contributed To Indian Team. Sania Mirza A Outstanding Tennis Player is From This Land.Mohammad Azharuddin A Great Indian Cricket Is also from Here.

IT/ITES: Then Top Outsourcing , IT And ITES Companies Are In Hyderabad.Famous Microsoft’s Biggest Research And Development Lab In Hyderabad After USA.Facebook  First Office In Asia Region.Top Companies Like Google ,IBM,Deloitte And So Many Big Names Running Operations From Hyderabad itself.

Infrastructure: Coming To Infrastructure Hyderabad Is the best place to invest , because real estate and infrastructure business growing day by day.Asia’s Longest Flyover is PVNR Express way (11.6 km).

Ramoji Film City: A Famous News Paper founder Mr Ramoji Rao Founded This.This is the greatest place to visit in Hyderabad .it has occupied over 2000 acres.this the place where cinema’s can make.the world class qualities are available here.the unseen and amazing places are built here. The Great entertainment to children as well as elders.the movie taking can seen on the movie scenes are taking and editing work is is great place to take movie entirely without going anywhere.

Another Few Things:While Comparing to The Broadband Rates Hyderabad Is The Cheapest Place To Buy.Of course You Will Get 10 Mbps for 1000 rupees in Airtel With Amazing Constant Speed.I Really Love This.Hyderabad Has its Own Culture And Different Traditions.This is the place for visitors.The different culture people you can seen here.Largest 3D Screen in IMAX Only Here.

Hussain Sagar Lake And Lord Buddha: Excellent Tourist Spot And Best Entertainer To Children.It is rounded with Hotels,entertainment activities ,parks and water games ,boating in lake. The Special Attraction Is Lord Buddha Is 18 m High And 450 Tons Of Weight Is Just A Glimpsing Moment I Hyderabad Especially For Divine Lovers.Telugu Famous Poets And Kings Statues Are Place On Tank band For Memories OF Them.
These Are Only Few Things About Hyderabad To Show Its Greatness.I Feel Really Proud About Hyderabad.Later Few More Things Can Come In Next Articles.

Some Facts About Rahul Dravid.

Here we are providing Some Facts About Rahul Dravid ,how great he is and some interesting facts.
  1. The former Indian Cricketer,the people love to call him as "The Wall” he is none other than Mr Rahul Dravid.He is the Man Of Cricket.He Served 16 years for this country as a Batsmen and Wicket keeper.He score tons of runs in Test and ODI’s.He have so many names like The wall ,Mr Dependable.He played very crucial matches while India on going tough.he can able to make  his team won just single handily.He is the awesome Player in All Formats.Recently In IPL he scored top most runs and stood in top ten position.generally people will think test batsmen won’t play t20 but he make that sentence wrong.

  2.  Glenn McGrath Once Said that if there was one Indian cricketer who could directly entry into the famous Australia team in 90’s,it would be Rahul Dravid.

  3. He was voted most sexiest sports personality in an online survey(2004-2005) And he beats Yuvaraj Singh and Sania Mirza.

  4. Rahul Dravid Plays Hockey Before He Enters Into The Cricket .He Played For Karnataka Team.

  5. He Played Only One T-20 International Game vs. England In 2011.

  6. When i attend an interview at last month and i ask HR for feedback  about  how to speak properly and show good communication skills.He suggested “watch any interview of Rahul Dravid On TV shows.”He impacts Everywhere.

    Even Though He Retires From The International Cricket ,But IPL Gave A chance to Audience To See his Classic Innings.He playing very well with competing youngsters.under his captaincy the team performing very well.He always stay cool and man of professional.we need to learn a lot from him.  These are the some facts about Rahul Dravid.If we go In-depth this blog not enough write about him.

    Information Collected From Various Search Engine Sources And Websites.For More Reference

The Software Industry in India

There is a vital role of software industry in India by providing lot of employment and  creating excellent opportunities to young entrepreneurs.the majority of the revenue sources only from India.most of the companies operating their offshore services from India .there is huge demand for Indians who are ready to work for and make a career in this field.this is the equal opportunity to everybody.  some of the companies are always fighting to reach the top position in revenues , stacks and earn clients satisfaction.India Best provider for cheap and best employees ,so this is one reason top MNC’s are looking for.

Top Software Companies in India ,There are plenty of software companies in India which have been doing well. However, some of the top Indian software companies can be listed as:

1.Tata Consultancy Services

2.Wipro Limited


4.HCL Technologies

5.Tech Mahindra

6.Patni Computer Systems

7.i-flex Solutions


9.L&T InfoTech

10.IBM India

11.Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS)

Software Companies in India:
  1. Aditya Technologies Pvt Ltd
  2. Asset Infotech Ltd
  3. Atari Informatics Ltd
  4. Baan Info Systems India P Ltd
  5. HCL Info systems Ltd
  6. Hexaware Technologies Ltd
  7. I flex Solutions Ltd
  8. IGATE Global Solutions Ltd
  9. Infosys Technologies Ltd
  10. Larsen & Toubro Ltd
  11. Mastek Ltd
  12. NIIT Ltd
  13. IBM India
  14. Aftek
  15. Nucleus Software
  16. Vakrangee Softwares
  17. Cybertech Systems
  18. Eonour Technologies Ltd
  19. Patni Computer Systems (P) Ltd
  20. Polaris Software Lab Ltd
  21. B-commerce Infosystems Pvt Ltd
  22. Cerulean Information Tech. Pvt Ltd
  23. CMC Ltd
  24. CMS Computers
  25. HCL Corporation Ltd
  26. Satyam Computer Services Ltd
  27. Tata Consultancy Services
  28. Tata Infotech Ltd
  29. Wipro Ltd
  30. Cranes Software
  31. Geometric Software Solution
  32. Computech International
  33. Encore Software
  34. DSQ Software
  35. Digital Globalsoft
  36. Danlaw Technologies
Top BPO Companies:
  1. TCS BPO
  2. Infosys BPO Ltd.
  3. Wipro BPO Solutions
  4. Cognizant
  5. HCL BPO
  6. HP India
  7. MphasiS BPO
  8. Intelenet
  9. IBM Daksh
  10. Genpact
  11. Tech Mahindra Ltd.
  12. Aegis Ltd.
  13. WNS Global Services (P) Ltd.
  14. Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
  15. CSC India Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Hinduja Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  17. Convergys India Services
  18. Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.
  19. First source Solutions Ltd.
  20. L&T Infotech Ltd.
Top Multinational Companies:
  1. IBM
  2. Microsoft
  3. Coke
  4. Pepsi Co
  5. Pfizer
  6. Aventis
  7. Novartis
  8. Procter and Gamble
  9. Siemens
  10. Nestle
  11. Cadbury
  12. Nokia Communication
  13. Samsung
  14. LG
  15. British Petroleum
  16. Vodafone
  17. Reebok
Top Pharma Companies:
  1. Ranbaxy
  2. Dr Reddy's Laboratories
  3. Cipla
  4. Sun Pharma Industries
  5. Lupin Labs
  6. Aurobindo Pharma
  7. GlaxoSmithKline Pharma
  8. Cadila Healthcare
  9. Aventis Pharma
  10. Ipca Laboratories
Top Manufacturing Companies :
  1. Tata Steel
  2. Jindal Steel
  3. Larsen & Toubro
  4. Apollo Tyres
  5. Videocon
  6. Haldia Petrochemicals
  7. Godrej & Boyce
Top Financial Companies:
  1. Bajaj Capital Limited
  2. ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India)
  3. HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited)
  4. Birla Global Finance Limited
  5. ING Vysya
  6. Kotak Mahindra
  7. Tata AIG
  8. Max New York
  9. MetLife India
  10. LIC
Here The List Of Software Industry And Some Main Industries From Different Fields.These Are The Main Players In Employment.

An Advice To Youngers

Jiah Khan

This Lines Are Framed  By Star Director And Producer "Mahesh Bhatt" After The Saddest Moment Of Bollywood Actor Jiah Khan Committing Suicide at her residence in Mumbai .

"Who On The Earth Told You That Fame Insulates One From Security ? Let Me Assure That Once You Get Rich And Famous , Your Self Doubt Will Increases In Leaps And Bounds . In ShowBiz First You Struggle To Attain And Then You Struggle To Retain. Struggle That's Name OF The Game" - Mahesh Bhatt (Director).

There Is No Greater Cowardice Than Enjoying Your Spot In The Sun And Quitting The Stage The Moment Life Gets A Little Rough -Vinita Dawra Nangia.



Popular actor and director Manivannan(59) died due to cardiac arrest at his residence in Chennai.He directed 50 films and acted in 400 films above.He played a role as an comedian in Tamil movies and acted in several telugu , Malayalam , Hindi movies.the industry people are rushing to home and offering condolences.His son Raghuvannan also becomes an actor and doing some good movies.

His Last Film And 50th Film is Nagaraja Cholan,MA,MLA recently launched on May,2013.That is his last appearance to people and later he taking medical treatment in Hospital.Some Of the celebrities from telugu and tamil offered prayers through Twitter.

His Profile:

Father Name : Manivannan RajaGopalan

D.O.B : 31- july -1954

Died : 15- June -2013

Famous Films He Directed :

  1. Nagaraja Cholan MA,MLA.
  2. Jallikattu
  3. Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi
  4. Muthal Vasantham
  5. Thozhar Pandian
  6. Moondravadhu Kan.

He Acted In Several Films Like Padayappa,Kadhal Kavithai And Many More.
khushboo tweets
Kushboo Sundar

Manobala Tweets
Mano Bala

Priyamani Tweets

Siddharth Tweets

Shruti Hasan Tweets
Shruti Haasan

Use Twitter Trends To Write Awesome Blog Articles.

twitter trends

Using Social media to write blog articles is a good days following on social media increases daily in huge way.the news happens anywhere it will appears in miniutes on social a blogger try to improve your articles by using the social networks. let's see the how twitter can be useful to write blog articles. facebook and twitter are now big social giants to providing social connectivity with few clicks.

twitter trends on today
Twitter Trends

  • Just Login In with your Details in twitter and watch the trending topics on twitter and what most people are tweeting. just do research before writing any articles,don't simply post what others tweets.
  • have a clear look out trends in any country and choose what location you want.but it is available for only countries.
  • Select your favourite topics to write articles like politics, news, technology,pop stars, and what not.just go ahead.
  • Share your blog articles on twitter and it makes more backlinking to your articles and your blog you can find the example to see.
  • Don't Write Negative Articles About Whatever is trending now.  just make thinkable and informative to follow. if you write negative articles it may hurts human feelings.

Whatever you write in online just think before is it ethical to write and be Inspired next keep cool and just go trending.

Useful Railway Websites And Abbreviations.


Railways are Most wide Network In India,Nearly 25 Million Passengers Are Traveling Daily.Nearly 1.5 Million employees Are Working In Railways Department.It Is A Huge Employer In India. Here We Can See The Some Railway Websites Which Most Using Daily For Reservation Purpose and Information.


Accommodations In railways.
1A - First Class Air Conditioned Coach

2A - Second Class Air Conditioned sleeper Coach.

FC - First Class Accommodation.

3A - Third Class Air Conditioned Coach.

CC - Air Conditioned Chair Car.

SL - Sleeper Class.

2S - Second Seating.

Positioning Of Reservation Tickets.

WL -Wait Listed Tickets.

GN - General.

LD - Ladies.

RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation.

DF - Defence Quota.

FT - Foreign Tourist Quota.

DP - Duty Pass Quota.

PH - Parliament House Quota.

HQ - Handicapped Quota.

WaitList Abbreviations.

RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation ,It refers To Reservation For Sitting Accommodation Until you will Conformation Of Berths.The RAC Passenger Can Avail To Board On A Train.The Most Of The Cases The Single Berth Will Allot To Two Members,It Is Much Better To Not Having Seat.Just Have Timepass With Co-passenger.

RLWL - Remote Location Wait List,It Refers To Intermediate Station Booking The Tickets To Last Destination If Train Departed From Origin.No Booking Available For Source Station.
PQWL - Pooled Quota Wait List,it Refers To The Reservation Between Two Intermediate Stations In A Single Train Route,It Is Simply A Wait List,chances Are Few In Waitlisted Ticket to Confirm. In Huge Case.

RQWL - Request Quota Wait List,It Refers To No PQWL Is Available Then RQWL Will Generated To Reservation Tickets.
CKWL - Tatkal Waitlist,It Refers To Tatkal Tickets Which Are In Waitlist. It Will Give More Preference To Cancelled Tickets.
WL - Waiting List , It Refers To Reservation Tickets To End To End Journey In Train SIngle Route.
CAN/MOD- The Ticket IS Cancelled Or Modified.
CNF - The Ticket Is Confirmed,Then Berth And Coaches Number Will Allotted After Preparation Of Chart.
REGRET/WL - The Booking Will Not Permitted At this Time.
RELEASED - The Ticket Not Cancelled But Alternative Accommodation Will Provided.

Anywhere,Everywhere,Just Go Live With Live Streaming .

live streaming

Now A Days Live Streaming Is Becomes More Popular.If You Are Not Able To Attend Someone’s Important Family Event Or Occasion,Live Streaming Helps You to Watch The Videos At Home.So Many Live Stream Services Are Available.Some Live Streams Are Providing The Free Services And Some Paid Too.If The Famous Festivals Or Any Group Activities, Seminars, Live Events,Marriage Functions Whatever It Is Live Streaming Services Are Available.

Live Streaming Services Are Become More Popular When The Internet Comes Into Hands,Live Streams Are Giving Access On Mobile Phones Too.In Live Services ustream, these are The Main Players In This Field.This Services Brings You Live Events Happen In Wherever In The City Or Country.The Streaming Media Becomes More Popular When The Political Clashes Are Happened In Arab Countries,Even Most Popular Video Site YouTube Is Providing The Live Services,First They Started The  Marriage Ceremony Of Prince Williams And Kate Middleton.These Video Of Course Crosses Billion Hits.

Free Services:
Some Live Streams Are Providing Their News Events And Animal Life,Political Services,Stage Shows,And All Events.Some Are Get Tie Up With Private Firms Make The Paid Services Too.The Packages Will Be Depending Upon Our Requirements,Free Services Mostly Interrupt You With Ads,But Paid Services Are Not.Just One Webcam Is Enough To Broadcast Your Video,They Will Arrange Remaining Setup With Free Of Cost.Go through The Mentioned Websites For Full Details.Of course If We Are Expert In something We Can Post Our Seminars And Presentations Through Live Stream.some Services Are Offering Money Making Schemes Are Also,Own Your Post Videos And Go Live Some Seminars Which You Are Knowledgeable At.

Connecting With Social Profiles:

Social Services Are Going Worldwide With Social Profiles,If You Are Watching A Video ,Meanwhile You Can Upload The Videos To Facebook And Twitter.You Can send The Comments,Tweets And Can Create Some Polls.Justin tv providing the video highlights after completing the video.At finally you can check the statistical data of the video like how many of the people watched many comments done,where the people watched from,can tell you the big this many facilities makes live streaming media becomes more popular in entire world.

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Schedule

icc champions trophy
Courtesy : Champions Trophy

The cricket lovers are ahead to watch another series called ICC Champions Trophy 2013.This the Event will be organized and hosted by England Cricket Board.After the IPL cricket lovers eagerly waiting for this.Totally top 8 teams are participating in this series.the first match will be started with India vs South Africa.I think this time again we are going to see the chris gayle  And Ab De Villiers classics. After the long time chris gayle back to West Indies team, so everybody looking for his big innings including India.

After So Many Controversies happening In India Post IPL , our team showing good performance to get out of this mental pressure. this is the good symptoms to audience not expect anything wrong .

The first match will be held on June-3-2013 and tourney will be comes to end on june-26-2013.The teams will be divided into two groups as Group A And Group B.each winning team will get the 2 points.

The participating teams Are.

  1. India.
  2. Pakistan.
  3. South Africa.
  4. West Indies.
  5. England.
  6. Australia.
  7. New zeaLand.
  8. Sri Lanka.
The schedule Can Be Downloaded At.

pdfPDF Format excelExcel Format

Narayana Murthy backs to Infosys As A Executive Chairman.

Narayana Murthy
Photo : Courtesy With insaights

The Legend Backs To Infosys To Set Right The Instability happening in Infosys.The Team Management Believes Again His Strategic And Actioned Plan Thinking to setright the company strategy on good way.

we know the leadership lacking from past few years when murthy left the infosys.even though the banking monster K.V.Kamath won't show any influence on Software Industry.Investors , clients , employees losing the confidence in this the rocking performer backs to on screen.

Day by day operations are ruining , employees are losing confidence,investor and share markets are getting down ,in this horrible situation Mr.Narayana Murthy on Knife Edge .

Anyway the markets are already boost up by his coming up.he resigned in infosys as board of directors in past 7 years back.but the company have no any other alternative to pull out in this situation except murthy.

So board of directors form the meeting and decided to setback murthy upto 5 year long this time murthy will take a sinlge rupee as a salary.another glismping moment is his son rohan narayana murthy apposinted as his assistant and he also ask to pay the salary an amount of 1 rupee.The Retirement Rules Are Change In Infosys Fro 60 years to 75 years as it is convinience of Murthy.

I Didn't Expect This: 

After Taking Responsibilities As A Executive Chairman He Talked With Press meet,he goes like this

1.i have divorced with infosys completely.

2.i didn't expected this in anytime will come back.

3.i have observed so many work to do after the retirement but now happens is different, K.V.Kamath Asked Me To Come back Infosys as A Chairman,I Just Shocked and Got Dilemma.

4.Absolutely this is second innings to me,this time my son rohan will support me as a executive assistant.i am very thankful to all.

5.Infosys 3.0 is what we planned ,but it is not individual it is company done.shibulal will lead this team.this has three strategic plans included.

  1. Giving Support To Clients And Keep Them Happy.
  2. increase the productivity,And services in regular basis.
  3. develop the huge applications and keep maintenance.

How Infosys Started:

Murthy And His six Co Engineers started the infosys with just 250$ in 1981 ,in this 30 years their hard work make this company is best company for outsourcing,and services section.the first company listed in america's worth becomes nearly 40,000 crores organization.

Role In Infosys:

  1. 1981-2002 - CEO.
  2. 2002- 2006 - Chairman.
  3. 2006 - 2011 - Executive Chairman.
  4. 2011 - He Resigned.
  5. 2013- jun-1 - executive chairman (back to infosys.)

Top Telugu Daily Circulated Newspapers.


  1. EENADU This Is The Largest Circulated Daily Newspaper In Andhra Pradesh . Approximately It Reaches the Above 1,701,145 Readers Solely In Telugu Regional Language.This Is Mainly Covers The Political Aspects, Sports, Business  Cinema And All Cultural Activities.This Have The Huge Brand Name In News Publication.This Is Founded Great Visioner "Sri Ramoji Rao" In 1974. This Mainly distributing Form Various Cities From Andhra Pradesh And Including Top Metros Like Chennai And Bangalore , Mumbai, Delhi. The Publications Are Generally From Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Vijayawada, Ongole, Rajahmundry, Nellore, Suryapet, Anantapur , Mahaboob Nagar , Srikakulam, Kurnool, Tadepalligudem , Warangal, Guntur, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, And Mumbai. It's Headquarter Is Located In Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh , India.
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  3. ANDHRA JYOTHI This Newspaper Has Circulation Reach Nearly 5,00,000 Daily.This Is Managed And Operated By Editor "K.Srinivas" And Managing Director "Mr.Vemuri Radha Krishna".It Is Circulating In All Major Cities In Andhra Pradesh And It's Neighbouring Cities.
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  8. PRAJASAKTI This Is Founded In 1981 In Vijayawada By CPI[M],It IS Publications Are Doing From 9 Cities In Andhra Pradesh.It Is Always Helping People Thorugh News And Awareness Of Parties Informations,Governament Policies.Main Mission Is Aiming In Create Awareness In People And Make Them Unite. It Has Various Ventures Like Prajasakti Publishing House , Prajasakti Publications.
  9. VAARTHA This Founded By "Girish Sanghi" In 1996.It Is Sensation When It Is Launched Through The Informatio Technology On News.It Is Head Quarters In Hyderabad,Andhr Pradesh.


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