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What Is the Great About Friendship ?

Friendship is a some different feeling or affection between two people or many. there is magic in this word and greatness involved,people loved it and give the more importance to it.the happiness increases about the how many friends you have.they must be you well wishers , relatives , and more than a blood relation.if we are in sad mood one good friend is enough to bring out.he can advice and he make a path to our happiness.true friendship never fails and never shows greedy.we feel more freedom with our friends than our parents.because it may be cause of same age or same feelings ,thoughts and so many views.

Friendship exists everywhere. husband and wife have friendship , father and mother have one type of friendship , brother and sister have may be in different forms but ultimate feeling is same.for example we can express our feeling and emotions with friends by very frankly.we may afraid or guilty to show before the parents to express the same one.may be the age problem or miscommunication is a barriers.the true friendship always great and involves  trust in each other.the belief can play a key role here.if you can’t believe the friendship won’t stand in between two people.they must be fell freedom with other and able to express their thoughts freely.they must be comfortable to make a room for themselves.

Here few points to know the greatness about Friendship:              

As already we said that friendship has greatness,

  1. After the marriage every girl have new friends , new relations , and some different atmosphere around that time her husband becomes the best friend.she believes him and walk around with him.Husband is best guide to her about how to behave , how to make relationships better and so many things which is new to her in that place.
  2. Secrets must be avoided to keep your relationship or friendship healthy.share everything and ask for opinions each other then your happiness doubles.a good couple may have different opinions but not secrets.

  3. Friends won’t afraid of problems , if you got one problem then your mind immediately says to ask suggestion from your is main part of whom you make a first call.even we have so many friends but feel only few are your love unconditionally with pure and genuine heart

  4. Communication plays a key role in friendship about how you express your feelings and must not show your jealous or any thing wrong emotion to them.if you got any problem , explain it , ask for help and explain how you are important in this situation.the way you communicate , the way your relationship will be strong.

  5. Believe each other , respecting them and make him feel about he may be great person in your life.share your feeling with more genuine.please always support for their goals and works.give rewards and appraisal that may be lead him in good them how important you are.

  6. if you give the promise to do something , just do it , make your promise alive.if you are unable to do any task what your friend asked just say yes or no very frankly.that may be good for you.don’t feel shy to say no.if you can’t just say boldly.otherwise if you break the promises you may loose the believe in your careful about that.

    Finally , friendship ends for different reasons and situations may acts sometimes.but every problem time has its solution so don’t worry about it.sometimes miscommunication , don’t believe each other and so many reasons would cause for break.Some people won’t live at least one day without talking his friends or meet them.don’t act as a spy to your friend that may not good for healthy friendship.once he started to not believing you ,of course you are nothing more than any write about the greatness of friendship the books and blogs are not enough.just in few words to show my feeling to them that’s it.

Gift A Book For Newly Married Couple.

Generally we see giving gifts for any occasion like marriage, birthday parties,and any other events.think once before giving those are completely plastic made or glass.these are good for environment so the plastics products are not easily diluted in earth,so it may increase the global warming.

So when you are going to next time for an occasion give book as a gift.A good book can change life.the few sentences may lead them to most inspired life.

This is the best practice and indirectly you would help more to environment,books are can easily recyclable.the new married couple also will feel good when you read this book.just think different.

Great Fact About Indian Hindu Weddings.

indian marriage

India has different culture,religions,people,languages etc.but people here living in brotherhood feeling.this only makes this country called for "unity in diversity".

Especially the hindu culture is mixed with more traditions and so many internal is most beautiful and memorable day in everybody's life.The hindu marriage is following so many countries.

According to our vedics,the marriage defines a beautiful way.A person life fulfills when he or she gets married.The marriage is not just a wife and husband meaning,it include so many things like love, responsibility,spirituality,unity and undefinable feeling between couple.

The day will be more enjoyable and decorate the home with banana trees,and flowers entirely.inviting friends,relatives,and so many works this always keeps busy and makes you more happy.these are the sweet feelings.this day comes in one time in a life so people celebrate in huge way.before this occasion they will give cloths and some form of things to brahmins because they are treated as nearly God.on the day of occasion will serve the food for so many people because they will bless the new couple to live happy.

Some people will do marriages in the temples ,marriage halls and At home.cost of the marriage is varies to people like rich and poor.but finally the meaning is same.marriage is not just a task to happen in a life it is second innings almost to you after marriage and before it.


we seen so many marriages from country to country like Indian Girl and America man and American woman and indian man.they are asking to marry in the indian culture but we are leaving our great ,together living these are not at all indian culture.we adopted from foreign countries,the fact is the foreign tourists and abroad people love to see the indian culture and want to follow it.

"Love Starts After The Marriage In India,

But Love Ends After The Marriage In Others".

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

unconditional love - who loves their near and dears without any limitations are called unconditional love.

  1. unconditionally is the word may be sinks very strong , however the matter is quite simple.the love is exists in different types just like mother and father,brother and sister,father and son,mother and son,father and daughter and always in friends too.
  2. The friends will always respect each other ,love each other. they will share anything without any secrets it is also called one type of who believes in other only can share anything.
  3. Mother loves his son unconditionally,no doubt about it.she will sacrifice and do so many favours.she is the leader in many childrens life.
  4. same way father will work for nights to earn money for childrens better education and so many needs.there is partiality shows here.
  5. love is completely depends upon the beliefs,you don't believe other you don't love must trust others and make you trust by them.
  6. unconditional love is the person must be deserved to what you are given.the lover and whoever must be deserved for that.
  7. if you have lover or spouse just surprise her/him.make certain good things in his/her way.they definitely feel good and give something you unexpected.
  8. visit the some romantic and beautiful place ,this will create some good environment and make it most.the thing is totally in your hands not in far away.
  9. always help others,and think about poor and who are in doing this practice daily,the undconditional love will automatically generates.
  10. fee yourself as a good then only you can love otherwise you can't.take care about your love must be good and most comfortable to others,they should feel secure with your friendship.
  11. Try To learn the forgiving habbit for other's mistakes.don't get angry for small things even.try to resolve the issue in lovely manner.forgiving creates more friends and more love too.

Unconditional Love Is completely in your heart just try to show it , not to rub on others.sometimes it may become uncomfortable.just love ,love, love.keep on loving thats it...

Best Dialogues From Telugu Cinemas.

Some Powerful And Inspirational Telugu Cinema Dialogues For You.

1. when you money is lost,something you lost,when you character is lost,everything you lost.-Victory Venkatesh.

2. smile means friendship,not innocence.the world may have small minded people but not have small graded works - Prabhas.

3.There is no kick in the winning  ,it just introduce  you to this world.but just loose one time, the world will self introduce to you.-Nagarjuna. can learn even on internet but manners can learn from master only - Pilla Jamindar.

5. God Create People To Love , Things To Use, But Fact Is The Reversely Doing In This Ages.- Kanna Babu.

6. the world has only two casts one is rich and another is poor.-Vedham.

7.there is no difference in when you have nobody to appreciate in your success as well as in your failure.- Venkatesh.

8.the lover must don't have fear,if you fear don't Love.don't love with fear and worry too.


Love this is word have so many definitions and expression can do which is nothing gonna have.everybody has some different opinions but ultimately the feeling and target is unique.the magic something gonna happen everytime and every minute when you are in that feeling and makes some stupidous laughs too.this can be understood and observed who are in love and who are best to define love.

When you are proposing to girl or boy the smile on your face and the movement of shivering lips can ultimately gives the most happiness in the world, million rupees can't give that happiness. the mother and son have one type of love,father and son have one type of love, but younger boy and younger girl have different love.the parents love is ultimately highlight in all time these are mixed with emotions,sacrifice and satisfaction never fails in any case. but most saddest thing is younger boy and girls love.these are mixed with more sad and tears especially a days the life becomes like that.everybody has  a mentality in different aspects not true in love.they are misusing it.

love is  doesn't exists in money,it needs sacrifice ,helping,understanding,involvement,and most happy moments together ,making funny together,but everybody knows what happening in now a days.the real true lover always love a girls until his lasts breaths.just got inside thats it. "Love Is Great."


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