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Leadership is Not Easy To Manage , Why ?

Leadership is not at all a simple task to manage.there are so many issues are involved .The situations keeps on change, but leader admit that and fight with them.the difficult situation brings the new talent in leader about how he act upon it.the way you deal with situation is always reflects your strength and ability.leader is not at all just having followers but motivate them and lead them.leadership involves trust.positive attitude and self confidence are key players in leadership.follow the people who are already won in the way.hold their hands tight. learn from a good student forever and ever.

Positive Attitude: positive attitude is important for a Leader ,he must believe himself .when the tough situations rises positive attitude shows can stay away from stress with good positive attitude.

Express Boldly:The leader must have his own opinions and managing capability.treat your followers with smile face.don’t show your angry or any negative emotions before may hurts the future performance.

Be a Student Forever: A leader must be willing to learn always , and updates himself periodically.the latest technologies or marketing trends , any new qualifications must adds in his profile.he must be first competitor to all his followers.then only they can inspires from you.leadership need new talents.

Be Attentive: Be attentive on work ,don’t shift your focus on may affects on work the productivity whether it meets the requirements or not.have a analysing capability which makes productivity different and unique.listening capabilities are important to leader better than speaking.

Respect Others:Respect Others , it make good impression on yours.some people always shows their temper and feelings on others but it is not at all others.teach your followers if they are not following properly.give rewards and appraisals.Leadership involves trust.

Attract Them:Attract the people with your posture and style of speaking.always inspire the people which able to work done efficiently.don’t go far.don’t show you are much may feel guilty them.don’t finger on their mistakes.make aware of them and let them try to learn from it.

When situations becomes tighter the team and organization looks on leader you always be prepare for any situation.the creativity and sincerity always give work results.mistakes also good resources to learn but don’t repeat them. so this is why leadership is a not easy task to manage.know the summary of leadership qualities must everybody have, check this article.

The Software Industry in India

There is a vital role of software industry in India by providing lot of employment and  creating excellent opportunities to young entrepreneurs.the majority of the revenue sources only from India.most of the companies operating their offshore services from India .there is huge demand for Indians who are ready to work for and make a career in this field.this is the equal opportunity to everybody.  some of the companies are always fighting to reach the top position in revenues , stacks and earn clients satisfaction.India Best provider for cheap and best employees ,so this is one reason top MNC’s are looking for.

Top Software Companies in India ,There are plenty of software companies in India which have been doing well. However, some of the top Indian software companies can be listed as:

1.Tata Consultancy Services

2.Wipro Limited


4.HCL Technologies

5.Tech Mahindra

6.Patni Computer Systems

7.i-flex Solutions


9.L&T InfoTech

10.IBM India

11.Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS)

Software Companies in India:
  1. Aditya Technologies Pvt Ltd
  2. Asset Infotech Ltd
  3. Atari Informatics Ltd
  4. Baan Info Systems India P Ltd
  5. HCL Info systems Ltd
  6. Hexaware Technologies Ltd
  7. I flex Solutions Ltd
  8. IGATE Global Solutions Ltd
  9. Infosys Technologies Ltd
  10. Larsen & Toubro Ltd
  11. Mastek Ltd
  12. NIIT Ltd
  13. IBM India
  14. Aftek
  15. Nucleus Software
  16. Vakrangee Softwares
  17. Cybertech Systems
  18. Eonour Technologies Ltd
  19. Patni Computer Systems (P) Ltd
  20. Polaris Software Lab Ltd
  21. B-commerce Infosystems Pvt Ltd
  22. Cerulean Information Tech. Pvt Ltd
  23. CMC Ltd
  24. CMS Computers
  25. HCL Corporation Ltd
  26. Satyam Computer Services Ltd
  27. Tata Consultancy Services
  28. Tata Infotech Ltd
  29. Wipro Ltd
  30. Cranes Software
  31. Geometric Software Solution
  32. Computech International
  33. Encore Software
  34. DSQ Software
  35. Digital Globalsoft
  36. Danlaw Technologies
Top BPO Companies:
  1. TCS BPO
  2. Infosys BPO Ltd.
  3. Wipro BPO Solutions
  4. Cognizant
  5. HCL BPO
  6. HP India
  7. MphasiS BPO
  8. Intelenet
  9. IBM Daksh
  10. Genpact
  11. Tech Mahindra Ltd.
  12. Aegis Ltd.
  13. WNS Global Services (P) Ltd.
  14. Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
  15. CSC India Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Hinduja Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  17. Convergys India Services
  18. Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.
  19. First source Solutions Ltd.
  20. L&T Infotech Ltd.
Top Multinational Companies:
  1. IBM
  2. Microsoft
  3. Coke
  4. Pepsi Co
  5. Pfizer
  6. Aventis
  7. Novartis
  8. Procter and Gamble
  9. Siemens
  10. Nestle
  11. Cadbury
  12. Nokia Communication
  13. Samsung
  14. LG
  15. British Petroleum
  16. Vodafone
  17. Reebok
Top Pharma Companies:
  1. Ranbaxy
  2. Dr Reddy's Laboratories
  3. Cipla
  4. Sun Pharma Industries
  5. Lupin Labs
  6. Aurobindo Pharma
  7. GlaxoSmithKline Pharma
  8. Cadila Healthcare
  9. Aventis Pharma
  10. Ipca Laboratories
Top Manufacturing Companies :
  1. Tata Steel
  2. Jindal Steel
  3. Larsen & Toubro
  4. Apollo Tyres
  5. Videocon
  6. Haldia Petrochemicals
  7. Godrej & Boyce
Top Financial Companies:
  1. Bajaj Capital Limited
  2. ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India)
  3. HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited)
  4. Birla Global Finance Limited
  5. ING Vysya
  6. Kotak Mahindra
  7. Tata AIG
  8. Max New York
  9. MetLife India
  10. LIC
Here The List Of Software Industry And Some Main Industries From Different Fields.These Are The Main Players In Employment.

Useful Things To Job Hunting.

Job Searching In Now a Days Becoming rocket Science,It Is Trend In Job Searching Too.There Are So Many Ways In Job Searching. Here We Can See The Some Of The List And What Are The Care We Must Take While Proceeding.While Job Searching Simply Going To Company And Finding the Vacancies Not All Good Idea,Because Every Time They Won't Display On Public Portals Or Any Make More Contacts And Be Influent On Social Networks.

Technology Changed The Complete Human Life Even Job Searching No Exception For That.Now a Days Every Company Coming Into Online By Maintaining Their Own Professional Website.Computer Related Or Non Related also Approaching Online Portals To Do Their Work Make Easy.So Eye On It.The Companies Development And Their Expansions Are Everything Now Becomes In Online To Show Their Strength To World.

How Many Ways To Know The Jobs Available ?

  1. Company Owned Websites.
  2. Online Job Portals Like , , , etc.
  3. Walkin Interviews.
  4. Consultant Companies Who Are Working For Client Human Resources.
Resume Preparation.
  1. Resume Is The Key To Get The Job,The Efficiency Of Resume Indirectly Shows Your Skills And Strengths .
  2. First Understand The Company Requirements And Frame Neatly With Attention.
  3. Don't Use Complex Words Which Not Easily Understandable.
  4. Make Resume Clear And Make It Short Upto Minimum Two Pages.
  5. Interviewer Not Spend More Than 30 Seconds To Read Your Resume,So Be Prepare For That Time And Make More Clear In First Page.
  6. While Huge Opening Are Going On , Use Your Creativity ,Some Special Techniques Which Is Make You More Appropriate.

Resume Sent, Then What Next ?

  1. Contact HR Managers Or Authorised Officials Regarding Your Resume Consideration.
  2. If Selected Ask The Procedure For Next Step.
  3. If Not Selected Don't Worry .Say To Yourself Better Luck Next Time,And Send An Thank You Email For Company Spending Their Time To Review Your Resume.This Called "Follow Up".This Makes You More Impression On Yours.
  4. The Follow Up Email Sometimes Makes You Recall to Come Down For Interview,Because It Shows your Interest In The Position.
Create Your Own Network .

  1. Now A Days Companies Prefer To Search The Candidates On Online Social Networks ,So Create Your Profile Easily Accessible And More Clear.
  2. Participate Online Portals And Keep Contact With Old Friends And Ask About If Any Opportunities Are Available.
  3. Make More Contacts And Keep In Touch ,This Makes You More Alert When New Chance Hits You.
  4. Now A Days Companies Are Posting Jobs Are Internally That Means Referral Process,So Contacts Are Very Important,If Your Network Is Huge , Your Opportunities Are Also Huge.
  5. One more Important Thing Is While On Social Network,When You Are Posting Something Be Responsible For That.Interviewer Search For Your Activity On Social Profiles Which Reflects Your Behavior.
  6. Don't Post Any Abusive Content And Hateful Sentences ,This Is Not Good Manner.
  7. Don't Post Your Party Photos Like Drinks Or Any Personal Affairs;, If Necessary Make It Limited Viewability.
  8. Attend For Job Fairs This One Create More Contacts And Know The Companies Strategy For Hiring Candidates.Attend For Aptitude Tests Group Discussions ,This Is More Worth In future Interviews.

Make Your Resume Searchable.

  1. Make Your Resume More Searchable On Google Or Yahoo.
  2. Try To Post the Profile Links On Jobs Sites Of Linkedin Twitter,And Facebook.
  3. Maintain Your Own Blog And More Searchable. But Maintaining The Personal Blog With Some Costly Process.So You Can Go Through Th Or Which Are Free Services.
  4. Don't Loose Your Confidence Until You Get The Job.Be More Patient And Future Thinkable,This Makes You Better Person .

Be Aware Of Fake;Companies.

  1. Be Attentive And Cautious When You Reach A Suspicious Job Mails,Check Thoroughly The Company Profile And Their Establishments.
  2. Check The Nasscom And some Official Websites To Know The Company Information Whether It Is Registered Or Not.
  3. Now A Days So Many Fraud Persons Are Sending The Attractive Emails And Messages With Original Company Names.
  4. Never Forget That,Companies Don't Send Any Emails From Public Domains Like Gmail,Yahoo,HotMail,Rediff etc.
  5. Report To The Proper Company About Getting This Type Of Emails.
  6. Don't Give Bank Account Numbers And Passport Numbers,NoCompany Will Ask Befor The Joining In Company,There May Be Chance To Misuse Your Information.
  7. No Company Will Ask Money To Conduct The Interview So Don't Send Any Money To Their Accounts,If Already Done Contact Nearest Cyber Police With Proper Documents.

Looking For Change In Career.

change in career

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The life will always depends upon the decisions what we take.we have so many dreams and goals.we are working for it and dream for planning is compulsoray to achieve this.the strategic planning always gives good have a plan today and act according to it.

if you are looking to change in career you must take few steps.

  1. when you are working Satisfaction is key factor for personal, whatever you done just feel good to your heart.but every time it doesn't forward looker there are so many key factors in upgrading.the comapny always looks for talents , strategy, and your performance in past years.Do your work which will notify by the organization.
  2. Send an email regarding your strengths,projects,good qualities, leadership skills and what you have achieved last years.this will create an impression at your manager.he may consider you.the company always looks for well talented and organizational first before that have a checklist for position you are looking for.
  3. Always improve talent and skills regularly the company always looks for industry ready people ,because they don't want to waste time and money for training purpose,it will makes you a better option while choosing.
  4. Don't act too smart.this may give some negative impression about you and tells you looking in only career hike not in this same task through the work,finish the work in in time.Be a active person in team meetings,and will brings out a new leader within you.
  5. Have some Personal for it.the people who are very good about their personal goals and target can achieve be good pan to achieve this.also know that company looks for not perosnal just themselves,so company is first.meanwhile only you have to prove that.
  6. have a more connections in professional way,some illegal and bad connections may be affect you.even now days we saw the incident in great corporate firm dismisses their CEO for sexual harassment as a comman employee you are not except for that.
  7. Work with more responsibility,the company always looks for responsible this case don't say "yes" whatever your superior says.if it is possible just say yes,otherwise just "no".so be frank.and feel good about your more responsible.


When you are looking for change in career the whole aspects are plays a key role.if you feel not recognizing well in this company just have look about performance and other issues.then only go for shift to another company


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