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Take Care Of Your Heart.

Heart is the main functional part of the body.due to urbanization and busy life we are neglecting our own health then it leads to new a days most of the people are suffering from heart problems. According to the World Health Organization statistics every year approximately 1.72cr people are affecting with heart and neural we need to have a look on our lifestyle and eating styles. Blood pressure and heart problems are become a common in has so many reasons like work tesnions , pollutions , psychological problems whatever it may be , all are our life span killers. lets have some tips to keep our heart healthy and steady.
  1. Check Blood Pressure regularly , at least once in a 3 months . blood pressure have one another name called " Silent Killer".
  2. Stop smoking immediately , if it is not possible try to leave gradually .take help from specialists or any physician.
  3. Check the sugar levels in blood regularly.if levels are goes up there your problem is called as "Diabetis " . now a days handy machines are available in market to check the sugar levels instantly , buy one check for regular interval at least two months.
  4. Walk daily minimum 30 minutes or any natural exercise to keep your body fit and healthy.regular exercises gives you fresh feel and more health.dancing , running , garden work comes under this section.
  5. don't eat junk foods and street food which have more salt and masalas.Avoid cheese and fatty foods , which are heavily  deposited in readymade food or canned food.
  6. follow below numbers to keep your health in track
  • Blood Pressure - 120/80
  • Sugar Level      - 100 (after wake up) / 140 (after breakfast)
  • Cholesterol       - 200
  • BMI                  - 25
All are approximate or actual values.consult your doctor before you follow this.

BMI (Body Mass Index ) - Weight (kg) / (height*height)

How To Start Your Day Very Beautiful.

To Start Your Day Very Beautiful Just Follow These Steps and Make Your Happiness 100 Times Better.

  1. wakeup on daily 5 o'Clock.the tie your shoes and go for some distance.Do your favourite excercise for some time then come back to home and have a bath.this will give some immense feel.
  2. Pray for Your favourite god sometime.keep your concentration completely and chant for some time.then you will come to know how happy you are.Read the news in online or papers.
  3. take your breakfast with feel good.dishes won't have any problem but it is totally depends upon how you feel to yourself.
  4. start your works early the next you feel comfortable when there is no any other disturbances and any other activities.
  5. keep your mobile in silent for some time and sit alone and think about what you want to do in future.the nature will gives the answer.silence create more power than noise.
  6. Listen some beautiful music or dance whatever you like,this will great feeling to your mind.this can creates more power and can feel more confident than others.
  7. have a timetable and finish the works accordingly.if some task crosses the time don't worry,just have plan to go ahead.but never stops.
  8. Chat with your friends and attend some meetings do whatever you like where you can feel more comfortable and more inspirational.
  9. Then finish the works and go to bed early."Early To Bed.Early To Rise" is good habbit to health.Keep your mind relax and go deep sleep.
  10. then what next ,again your clock ticks on morning 5 o'Clock Just Do it, Again.Just make your time helpful then your happiness becomes much bigger.
  11. Everybody has only 24 hours,but in this time it is matter of how you utilized it.there is no good start or bad start,it is completely depends upon how you feel.just go through this then your life will become more beautiful.

Prevent Hair Breakage By Following Few Tips.

Hair Breakage is one of the common problem in now a will starts from roots,so while you are going to spa or home methods just  take care about hair breakages.always remember costly products always doesn't give 100% results,whatever just follow some home remedies,and watch the results.Here we see the few tips to prevent hair breakage.

  1. Don't use hot water to hair,the excessive heat can break the roots of hair,so next when you are going to bath use mild or nail bit is one main cause to hair breakage.
  2. Don't use the shampoos or any conditioners which included the harmful chemicals to your hair like Ammonia.Check the ingredients of a product when you are buying a shampoo or any hair care product.
  3. Take almond oil and heat up to 30 seconds in a bowl , pour on head and just simply do the massage with fingers till to reach the roots of hair.
  4. Use olive oil it is best conditioner for hair oil.and you can use amla oil doing massage with amla oil the excessive body heat will goes prevents the hair falling and hair breakage.
  5. Don't use the hairdryer to dry the hair after bathing,just leave for natural way or you can use a cleaned towel to take out wet.
  6. use egg white for conditioning purpose,Apply Lemon directly on hair before 15 minutes to go for bathing.use mild shampoos to wash the hair.
  7. Maintain some healthy diet by eating more vegetable and walnuts,cashew,some grains.these are good;sources of proteins.
  8. Protein Deficiency is also main cause to Hair Breakage. 


The Hair Breakages due to heavy pollution and summer heat also,so when you are going out take a cap or umbrella with you.don't walk in rain because some type contaminants breaks your hair.After you come from outside to home just shampoo your hair.but don't do hair bath daily,just have 2 times in a week is enough.consult doctor before proceed.Stop Hair Falling Or Hair Breakage With These Natural Methods.

want to see the Uses of eating food in banana leaf,Go with this line.

Advantages Of Eating Food In Banana Leaf.


Image Credits To Flickr

In this modern and fast growing world , we are losing our traditions and customs in India.eating food in banana leaf is one in that.This practice have so many advantages and good for human life.

1.Banana leafs are cheaper than the plastic items like papers and cups.
2.Banana Leaves Are easily destroyable and dilute in earth in rapidly.these are environmental friends.
3.usage of water is very less while comparing with plastic and steel items for cleaning purpose.
4.Ayurveda gives most important to banana is widely used in many treatments.
5.we can cut the leaves in different sizes as we like it.
this is the one of the best tradition for telugu people culture. eating food daily in banana leaf and sitting on the floor, will acts as best remedy for joint pains.
7.This will help to farmers to earn more income.
8.Hindu traditions are suggesting this practice.

we can see this culture widely in Tamilnadu hotels, houses ,and marriages even in so many functions.this is the best culture for everyone.Glsobal Warming is the biggest problem in now a days.the main reason is usage of plastics,these are not easily destroyable in will damages the ground water try to follw using this you will indirectly helps to the environment.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

unconditional love - who loves their near and dears without any limitations are called unconditional love.

  1. unconditionally is the word may be sinks very strong , however the matter is quite simple.the love is exists in different types just like mother and father,brother and sister,father and son,mother and son,father and daughter and always in friends too.
  2. The friends will always respect each other ,love each other. they will share anything without any secrets it is also called one type of who believes in other only can share anything.
  3. Mother loves his son unconditionally,no doubt about it.she will sacrifice and do so many favours.she is the leader in many childrens life.
  4. same way father will work for nights to earn money for childrens better education and so many needs.there is partiality shows here.
  5. love is completely depends upon the beliefs,you don't believe other you don't love must trust others and make you trust by them.
  6. unconditional love is the person must be deserved to what you are given.the lover and whoever must be deserved for that.
  7. if you have lover or spouse just surprise her/him.make certain good things in his/her way.they definitely feel good and give something you unexpected.
  8. visit the some romantic and beautiful place ,this will create some good environment and make it most.the thing is totally in your hands not in far away.
  9. always help others,and think about poor and who are in doing this practice daily,the undconditional love will automatically generates.
  10. fee yourself as a good then only you can love otherwise you can't.take care about your love must be good and most comfortable to others,they should feel secure with your friendship.
  11. Try To learn the forgiving habbit for other's mistakes.don't get angry for small things even.try to resolve the issue in lovely manner.forgiving creates more friends and more love too.

Unconditional Love Is completely in your heart just try to show it , not to rub on others.sometimes it may become uncomfortable.just love ,love, love.keep on loving thats it...

Mental Health Is Key For Any Success.

1.mental health is belongs to psychological feeling and it states how  well being of your mind.a healthy mind is a storage of fresh ideas. the fresh ideas will always comes from fresh mind,if your mind is disturbed and you are always think about in some mood this is not at all good work.

2.when you thinking for success the mind will work as fast as you can,this is achieved only when you are good at healthy mind.some people will present physically and absent mentally. mental health always key for success.some of the people will become mentally disturbed by over studies , and overthinking about keep stay away from it.

4.when you feel lonely,when you are ignoring by others,and attacked for some reasons,it may lead to some mental distress.these are the most terrible killers of mental be aware of it.

5.we think the most developed country is United States Of America is most have the mental distress patients.the psychiatrists are more demanded in America.if anyone completed the psychiatrist can go for and earn more dollars.


So when you feel lonely ,and ignoring by others please don't go under depression,it may lead dangerous please go and join some voulonteer association and do meditation daily.this will keep you mental health good and perfect being.


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