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Experienced Candidates Are Preferred than Fresher In Now Days IT Industry.

It seems to be one more financial crisis will come soon , so the companies following the cost control strategies.from past 3 years companies not taking the freshers from campus placements or off-campus.they are giving more preference to experienced candidates , because if a freshers selected , need to train first for few months and some extra costs many applicable, so they are looking for experienced candidates. in last 2013-2014  approximately,1.4 lakh people will be recruited in various companies.rapid changes in global economy few companies are cutting their own employees up to 30%.this is bad situation for future job seekers and give the negative impression to job searching candidates.

From past 10 years companies are giving preference to recruit candidates from campus placements nearly
60 % and remaining 40 % would be direct or indirect sources.the fresh candidates need training and more time to settle in to the project , right now  cost management comes into the role and open the doors for experienced guys.recently ITIR project sanctioned to Hyderabad ,Andhra Pradesh . this would give the hope to candidates while the situations are becoming worse . nearly 2 lakhs more jobs will be created by this project.

so we need to change and update our skills accordingly to the current requirements for IT industry.learning courses is not important but capabilities of candidates too.we need to have more analytical skills , logical thinking and decision making skills.the company looking for those qualities first and everything would be sitting idle and waiting for job is worst make your situations very complicated , so join in a company for internship and learn the new things which is useful for your future needs.slowly the situations are changing IT ,ITES and BPO sectors and graduates are also working in BPO sectors for even though offering less salary to meet the monthly expenditures, but don’t think life was ruining.have a confidence in your heart and try to reach the goal.

Is Ravana A Hero Or A Villain ?

Ravana Is A Hero:

Ramayana Is Great Epic and Holy book to all Hindu religion people.the story tell about importance of Kama(Desire) is how badly affect us.this is just make to inspire the people to know about such important things .the story along show Ravana is a villain but he had some good qualities.but end of the day we know what happened.

This story was when Lord Rama preparing himself to battle with Ravana.Rama praying for Goddess Durga To ask the enough powers to kill Ravana.immediately Goddess Appeared   and ask for pure Brahmin's who do puja thrice a daily and never misses in a single day.Rama sent his men to search the priest but they never found.Rama was shocked then Goddess saying ask Lord Shiva Help in this issue, he may be help you.Rama sincerely pray for Lord Shiva  and explained the situation.then Lord Shiva Appeared Before Ravana and tells about requirement of priest.Even though Rama want to kill Ravana , His Karma told To do his .Ravana went to Rama as a priest and did puja perfectly.This is one reason Ravana Was a A Hero. He is the Hero To His People.

Ravana Is A Villain:

There is majority of Ravana’s Life Happened before Ramayana.But the story ends with kidnapping of sita and Rama killed him.Ravana belongs to Asura (demons) nature ,he is best and all time great devotee to Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva gave a boon of immortality with a small loophole.using this loophole Rama Killed Ravana.

When Lanka under ruling of Ravana Nobody knows the Hunger.The poor houses also have gold and ornaments.he treat his people like his children.First Lank Was In Under Control Of Kubera ,but Ravana Forcibly Overtaken.Kubera went to god to complaint about it but Ravana Defeated All Of Them. Ravana Ruling All gods With very arrogant nature then gods pleased to Lord Vishnu to solve this.Ravana Got Boon Immortality With exception of  man and animals.So Lord Vishnu Took Rama Avatar And Killed Ravana.Ravana Makes So Many Mistakes ,He Harasses People Outside the Lanka.Sita Kidnapping Was Totally A Framework Written By Gods To know the importance of how Kama badly Affect us.

Villain Character is not just created to run the story , it is one way of knowing the power of god and his strength.”If There Is No Ravana , There Is No Rama in Reason.”These Are the essential characters to show himself.this is the way Ravana was a villain. all quotes from Wikipedia .

Learn Courses in Online For Free.


Internet brings education also comes no need to go anywhere to learn anything.if you want to learn it just need one system and internet we will see some online sites providing free courses for web designing,testing,networks and programming.get ready for it.

  1. is the best online classroom for website designing tutorials like Html , javascript , ASP , php and Mysql. it providing workspace to customize the code while you learn. This site also includes how to learn the website development and steps.
  2. providing free courses in online from the realtime experts.this site includes the tutorials of programming , testing , networks , website designing, algebra,  statistics , physics , game development and artficial intelligence courses.this site continuosly updating with new videos on different courses.
  3. providing almost 380 courses on various topics like programming , networks , software engineering , physics , mathematics , law , social sciences and many more.go throguh the website to know the full details.
  4. is best and recommended site for beginners and experienced in c and c++ programming.the prograaming tutorials are neatly provided with can eaily understand and learn.
  5. want to interact with experts and learn from them,then go for online professional communities like and linkedin. providing interaction with technical experts in different is conducting online webinars daily.go and read the  full details in Expert Speak section.

How Build Good Relationship with Others.

Build good Relationship with others

our life span is so little like water bubble which breaks any time.The god will always test us in so many ways  and loads with so many responsibilities and tasks.our duty is just simply do it.accept what you get as they this money minded world we are looking for money,money......Forget that and try to fill happiness in your life.

God will write the name whatever you earn ,so please donate some money to poor people.Kindly have a healthy relationships with others.there are so many ways to build a good relationships.our vedics,epics just mentioning this.lets take marriage, see how it is good to see with relatives,friends .these are everything will happening with good relationships.that is the power of our hindu wedding culture and traditions. 

It doesn't matter how long you lived,but how long others will remember you is there is no much difference between rich and poor people.all are equal.the god will exists everywhere . leave your personal enemies like angry,greedy,jealousy.try to habituate to stay calm and cool.maintain the peace.then see the world how beautifully looks to you.

Nothing You will you until you feel "mine",feel like "ours".the world balancing in this strategy only.the relations are highly acceptable.some people will maintain the distance when they got money.but this is not fare.if you lost everything what will you the real friends and relative are always with you even you are rich or poor.just take care of youself .

 In our life we are passing so many people,everybody won't come with you.they are just passing clouds.but take care about who will become rain and pour on you.we feel very sad when they left us but be confident they will must replace in future.they will love you as you are good relationships are very crucial.

Don't worry what happened it past,it is not in your hands,don't think what happen in might hurts if something not happens what you today is reality, just believe just do it.have a nice day.

Free And Effective Online Photo Editing Tools.

Photo editing is one of the curious and professional work for many tools are available in market.but most of the famous tools are seeking licence to use the full features of product. Here we are providing some online free tools for students,website developers and interested in photo editing.even though these are not providing the full features like professional software but you can love the beginning experience with these.

Picasa App For Chrome

  1. Picasa App for Google Chrome chrome store providing picasa app for users to give the rich experience while you are will save your time to edit the photos at the same time in browser.once you installed the button will shows at top right corner.with one click it will take you to your albums there you can choose what to has some basic tools to edit photos.
  2. Pixlr The Another best and Rich experienced photoshop tools . It will definitely give rich adobe photoshop experience in online.once you enter into the website the suite will open and it will ask to open image from computer or from web url.Almost adobe photoshop tools are will never discourage.pixlr photo editing tool
  3. LunaPic Is Another Advanced And full packed with awesome tools to edit the image.Due to this awesome features more tools are available to edit the images but it will take more time to load,low bandwidth internets may feel about time take to load.But it is always worth to wait.
    lunapic editor
  4. Splashup this is also a best and advanced photo tool to edit the images with single clicks.the awesome experience you feel for the snapshot will show how the workspace like.splashup photo editor
  5. fotoflexer is one of the best online image editing is full packed tools of photoshop with rich experienced.thiese are completely free service.few clicks you can create professional photo editing and compositing.
    foto flexer photo editing tool
  6. And Finally,Photoshop online is best alternative to licenced version of any photo editing ccan create some stunning images with this online contains fully loaded toola of photoshop sfotware which is used doubt it will give awesome experience.this workspace proviiding sharing the photos to online with few clicks.these are completely free and rich experience for beginners can know easily how the commercial software works.
    Adobe Photoshop tools online

Finally,Just go through the software function how it is works ,it makes more easy to go ahead.These are simplest and free tools to edit image in online.however there must be a difference between commercial software and free tools.

Why India Will Become The First Inspiration To Writers.


India,if i listen this name my body will shivers with immense feeling and make me proud as an will never see the culture and traditions can followed that much in anywhere.

India,the name is powerful,love,affection,respect and beyond that. when a writer wants to write something or publish something they never need any other inspiration to begin.if they think once about india they will end with many publications.let we see the some examples how the writer can go ahead.

For Devotional Writers:

If an author want to write the devotional books or publication just go through the our traditions,customs,cultures,religious beliefs and many more will get the new ideas.we have huge library of our traditional scriptures,epics,vedas,upanishads,holy books and no need to go anywhere.if you read one book it will lead you to write 100 books.that is india's culture strength.the meaning of devotion is born in india.

For Historical Writers:

Go and research,the history is written on rocks and framed on stones.every kingdom has it's own story,every king has some it's inspirational touch.every culture has some proofs.they are the symbol of excellence in India.the culture starts from temples what we are seeing in india mostly is.built by our history heroes.the forts,cities.whatnot.of cannot get the time to write book because the time is enough to feel it.Arya,Dravida these are famous cultures in India.

Emperor Ashoka, ChandraGupta,Sri Krishna Devaraya,Chanakya and many more personalities.Those are always rolemodel for younger generations .

For Arts And Classical Writers:

Who loves to write about arts and classics just go through the indian classics in villages where the real indian culture is living.we have the more than 66 types of arts can able to perform by different people.The most famous and worldwide fans are to classical dances called as kuchipudi, bharatanatyam, kathakali, odissi,gujarathi and many more.these are unexceptional and undefinable to go write a book you hardly need may be 6 motnhs but to learn dance we are practiscing from 6 years old.we have most recognized 23 more languages with script.Tamil,Telugu,Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada,gujarati,marathi,and many more.

For Political Analysts:

The Indian Politics Are Always make more heat to leaders and peoples even.if we start the debate on this meanwhile you can find the last search link in google.peoples are always fighting with price hikes,basic developments and welfare schemes.we have huge and democratic constituency run by people.we written for us.we are following to live in good manner. and set some standards and ruling according to just observing this we can write a human weight book.our constituency provide the right to live anywhere in country.when some countries won't allow to live properly in native place.the religions are just like brotherhood feel,no thoughts on this.A hindu will invite muslim to sankranthi to celebrate.a muslim will invite hindu to celebrate ramjan.a christian will invite to all to celebrate christmas.

For Economics Writers:

we have the large economic system in the world.we have set of standards to run this and operate this.our leader will suggest this. The Finance minister will take care this.The reserve bank will control all nationalised and other banks.we have some boards to control the money and not to flow in illegal way.SEBI,RBI and some others will always take care about to strengthen the Indian power.India is always ready to face any challenge will come up.we are the global leaders in market.we can set the strategy to market. the top companies will always think that to launch the product first in india.because if they get market here it will automatically shows it's capability in other markets.that is our economical strength.

For Social Development And Poverty line Writers:

India means not only the development ,it has another shade also. india fighting with poverty from so many years.growing population is big drawback to it.the productivity of food grains and food products becoming much governament not able to supply everyone with fulfil.we are importing so many types of grains, materials,goodies and many more things from foreign countries . India facing more troubles in this issue. whatever it is end of the day India will overcome this problem and become the superpower to rule this world .it gonna happens in few years.


India has so many problems like terrorism,naxalism, poverty, and corruption like so many things have to work on.End of the day we can see the new india with tagged a name as superpower to rule the world.but this may take few years,few decades or few months. anyway we can always predict the game by looking current progress.we are also part in that.we have to give our support directly or indirectly.just cheers and feel proud as An "Indian".So thats why india becoming the first inspiration to writers or authors.

Keep Your Mind Always Ready To Accept Information.

Listening skills are necessary for who want to become a good leader or self-improvement.information must key part in the game. for this purpose you try to keep your mind to accept information.

Once there is a man called raju,he always fell himself as " i know everything",he will use to tell everybody's before them to make them feel guilty.His mind not willing to listen is anybody want to say something.then story goes like this.

one day a sage came to his village and giving his devotional speeches to people and everybody feel good about it.But raju want to test sage and went to ask teach something to him.sage founded his behaviour and want to teach lesson.

The very next day sage call raju and offered a tea to drink.then sage pouring the tea in raju's cup ,he continues pouring tea but raju didn't understand what he is doing.the cup is overflowing and and floats to towels and everything just got tea stains.then raju asked the sage , "sir what are you doing,you cannot fill it any more.then why are you doing this."

The Sage Replied then this what i want to tell you,"your mind thinking like i know everything",in this attitude you cannot learn be prepare your mind to ready to accept cannot get the infomormation when the time is over.

So don't show your knowledge who cannot understand or unable, just try to teach them.if you show you are much knowledgeable they may feel guilty.don't show your just empty your cups and go ahead.And Every person have some useful information which you don't are not that much knowledgeable person .So everybody have their own and different talents,so don't make fun at them. Listening is one of the important qualities of a leader . Information is the key to reach heights and best knocks.


"Keep Your Mind Always Ready To Accept Information,

Don't Show Your Conceit,otherwise you cannot learn anything".

Inspired From Robin Sharma's "Leader Who Had No Title."

Be A Good Human.

be human

We are living in modern life and most advanced technical life where human relations are not exists.We are learning so much day by day but not how to behave properly with the name of development we are going back.we need to learn so many things which is not even available in our books.


Two software engineers are unexpectedly meet each other.Then the conversation goes like this.

S/w Engineer 1:Hi,how are you,i met you after long time.

S/w Engineer 2 : I am fine.

S/w Engineer 1 : i joined in XXX Company they are giving some huge package.

S/w Engineer 1 : they are giving 5 lakhs per annum,but not enough.

S/w Engineer 1 : Recently I Bought One Villa In The City.

S/w Engineer 1 : I Bought One Car Last Month And Gave Order To Another Car.i am going to take that ok ,bye. 

See this conversation around goes materials and money not between relationships.we are wasting our life with each minute if you are not doesn't gives you happy.the work you do with satisfaction gives happy.but what is going on now days is giving importance to money and things.then how we can expect humanity from others. Build Good Relationship With Others.

So Finally,

What we will know is give the importance to people not money. Love the people and see the happiness daily in your face.

Looking For Change In Career.

change in career

image source :

The life will always depends upon the decisions what we take.we have so many dreams and goals.we are working for it and dream for planning is compulsoray to achieve this.the strategic planning always gives good have a plan today and act according to it.

if you are looking to change in career you must take few steps.

  1. when you are working Satisfaction is key factor for personal, whatever you done just feel good to your heart.but every time it doesn't forward looker there are so many key factors in upgrading.the comapny always looks for talents , strategy, and your performance in past years.Do your work which will notify by the organization.
  2. Send an email regarding your strengths,projects,good qualities, leadership skills and what you have achieved last years.this will create an impression at your manager.he may consider you.the company always looks for well talented and organizational first before that have a checklist for position you are looking for.
  3. Always improve talent and skills regularly the company always looks for industry ready people ,because they don't want to waste time and money for training purpose,it will makes you a better option while choosing.
  4. Don't act too smart.this may give some negative impression about you and tells you looking in only career hike not in this same task through the work,finish the work in in time.Be a active person in team meetings,and will brings out a new leader within you.
  5. Have some Personal for it.the people who are very good about their personal goals and target can achieve be good pan to achieve this.also know that company looks for not perosnal just themselves,so company is first.meanwhile only you have to prove that.
  6. have a more connections in professional way,some illegal and bad connections may be affect you.even now days we saw the incident in great corporate firm dismisses their CEO for sexual harassment as a comman employee you are not except for that.
  7. Work with more responsibility,the company always looks for responsible this case don't say "yes" whatever your superior says.if it is possible just say yes,otherwise just "no".so be frank.and feel good about your more responsible.


When you are looking for change in career the whole aspects are plays a key role.if you feel not recognizing well in this company just have look about performance and other issues.then only go for shift to another company


India is most different country among all in the world ,it has different traditions and customs, lifestyles too.Here we can too find different people and different religions,different god,but always have a good friendship in each let see the education culture in India.Have a look t the school children they are wearing the book bags more weight than original weight,is it really more books give more knowledgeable,of course sometimes may be. 

Our hindu culture gives more knowledge than what we can found on books,it gives the practical talent,like how to behave with people, how to learn good manners,how to help other and so many aspects in life.but we are going in wrong way.teach the children from childhood about our epics and cultures,holy books,they will learn from our life completely becomes into corporate lifestyles.corporate schools,corporate culture in everywhere, these are really good for indian culture.knowing the other culture is not bad but in the way forgetting our own is not acceptable.The Education Important but how long?,we must understand the world how it is going and how it is functioning.have a look about it.last few months back the most scared incident happened in Delhi by a gang rape on a girl.

is this our culture? every people involved in that incident are educated but what their education teaches them is molesting others.this is not accepted as a good person ,learn the basics and how to keep good relationship,as a parents you have some work in your children's growth.teach them about human values ,how to respect others, how to behave with ladies,how to help poor people.this only makes you great parents and as well as your's great children.

Nowadays education becomes the business aspect.we are counting in money ,thinking in money,then a college how can produce the nation proud people.they will also running back to money.where the new researches comes from,how the new innovations comes from,the systematical education gives you everything not just hurry in the ranks and all about a matter of excellence,success automatically chase you.


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