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Lord Ganesh Management Tips

Lord Ganesha is  very famous and more lovable to all devotees.we can learn so many tips from his body structure. these are nothing but a management tips for every body.
  1. Big Head – Think Big
  2. Forehead – Keen Attention.
  3. Eyes – Concentration
  4. Big Ears – Listen Carefully.
  5. Trunk – Be Attentive And Awareness Of Surroundings.
  6. Rat Vehicle – Simple Living.
  7. Over Weight – Have Self Respect Even though you are not Fit.
Lord Ganesha is definitely A Role Model For Young And Old.We Can Learn About How To Respect Parents , Attention , Work Sincerity And Many More. Children's Will Love Mostly Two gods in this world.they are  
  1. Lord Ganesha
  2. Hanuman.
so Enjoy this Vinayaka Chavithi In Huge way and celebrate with immense happiness.clay Ganesha is best for pooja And that's only traditional too. it will indirectly helping to prevent pollution of plaster of Paris.So please use clay Ganesh.

Is Ravana A Hero Or A Villain ?

Ravana Is A Hero:

Ramayana Is Great Epic and Holy book to all Hindu religion people.the story tell about importance of Kama(Desire) is how badly affect us.this is just make to inspire the people to know about such important things .the story along show Ravana is a villain but he had some good qualities.but end of the day we know what happened.

This story was when Lord Rama preparing himself to battle with Ravana.Rama praying for Goddess Durga To ask the enough powers to kill Ravana.immediately Goddess Appeared   and ask for pure Brahmin's who do puja thrice a daily and never misses in a single day.Rama sent his men to search the priest but they never found.Rama was shocked then Goddess saying ask Lord Shiva Help in this issue, he may be help you.Rama sincerely pray for Lord Shiva  and explained the situation.then Lord Shiva Appeared Before Ravana and tells about requirement of priest.Even though Rama want to kill Ravana , His Karma told To do his .Ravana went to Rama as a priest and did puja perfectly.This is one reason Ravana Was a A Hero. He is the Hero To His People.

Ravana Is A Villain:

There is majority of Ravana’s Life Happened before Ramayana.But the story ends with kidnapping of sita and Rama killed him.Ravana belongs to Asura (demons) nature ,he is best and all time great devotee to Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva gave a boon of immortality with a small loophole.using this loophole Rama Killed Ravana.

When Lanka under ruling of Ravana Nobody knows the Hunger.The poor houses also have gold and ornaments.he treat his people like his children.First Lank Was In Under Control Of Kubera ,but Ravana Forcibly Overtaken.Kubera went to god to complaint about it but Ravana Defeated All Of Them. Ravana Ruling All gods With very arrogant nature then gods pleased to Lord Vishnu to solve this.Ravana Got Boon Immortality With exception of  man and animals.So Lord Vishnu Took Rama Avatar And Killed Ravana.Ravana Makes So Many Mistakes ,He Harasses People Outside the Lanka.Sita Kidnapping Was Totally A Framework Written By Gods To know the importance of how Kama badly Affect us.

Villain Character is not just created to run the story , it is one way of knowing the power of god and his strength.”If There Is No Ravana , There Is No Rama in Reason.”These Are the essential characters to show himself.this is the way Ravana was a villain. all quotes from Wikipedia .

Be A Good Human.

be human

We are living in modern life and most advanced technical life where human relations are not exists.We are learning so much day by day but not how to behave properly with the name of development we are going back.we need to learn so many things which is not even available in our books.


Two software engineers are unexpectedly meet each other.Then the conversation goes like this.

S/w Engineer 1:Hi,how are you,i met you after long time.

S/w Engineer 2 : I am fine.

S/w Engineer 1 : i joined in XXX Company they are giving some huge package.

S/w Engineer 1 : they are giving 5 lakhs per annum,but not enough.

S/w Engineer 1 : Recently I Bought One Villa In The City.

S/w Engineer 1 : I Bought One Car Last Month And Gave Order To Another Car.i am going to take that ok ,bye. 

See this conversation around goes materials and money not between relationships.we are wasting our life with each minute if you are not doesn't gives you happy.the work you do with satisfaction gives happy.but what is going on now days is giving importance to money and things.then how we can expect humanity from others. Build Good Relationship With Others.

So Finally,

What we will know is give the importance to people not money. Love the people and see the happiness daily in your face.

Advantages Of Eating Food In Banana Leaf.


Image Credits To Flickr

In this modern and fast growing world , we are losing our traditions and customs in India.eating food in banana leaf is one in that.This practice have so many advantages and good for human life.

1.Banana leafs are cheaper than the plastic items like papers and cups.
2.Banana Leaves Are easily destroyable and dilute in earth in rapidly.these are environmental friends.
3.usage of water is very less while comparing with plastic and steel items for cleaning purpose.
4.Ayurveda gives most important to banana is widely used in many treatments.
5.we can cut the leaves in different sizes as we like it.
this is the one of the best tradition for telugu people culture. eating food daily in banana leaf and sitting on the floor, will acts as best remedy for joint pains.
7.This will help to farmers to earn more income.
8.Hindu traditions are suggesting this practice.

we can see this culture widely in Tamilnadu hotels, houses ,and marriages even in so many functions.this is the best culture for everyone.Glsobal Warming is the biggest problem in now a days.the main reason is usage of plastics,these are not easily destroyable in will damages the ground water try to follw using this you will indirectly helps to the environment.

Gift A Book For Newly Married Couple.

Generally we see giving gifts for any occasion like marriage, birthday parties,and any other events.think once before giving those are completely plastic made or glass.these are good for environment so the plastics products are not easily diluted in earth,so it may increase the global warming.

So when you are going to next time for an occasion give book as a gift.A good book can change life.the few sentences may lead them to most inspired life.

This is the best practice and indirectly you would help more to environment,books are can easily recyclable.the new married couple also will feel good when you read this book.just think different.

Great Fact About Indian Hindu Weddings.

indian marriage

India has different culture,religions,people,languages etc.but people here living in brotherhood feeling.this only makes this country called for "unity in diversity".

Especially the hindu culture is mixed with more traditions and so many internal is most beautiful and memorable day in everybody's life.The hindu marriage is following so many countries.

According to our vedics,the marriage defines a beautiful way.A person life fulfills when he or she gets married.The marriage is not just a wife and husband meaning,it include so many things like love, responsibility,spirituality,unity and undefinable feeling between couple.

The day will be more enjoyable and decorate the home with banana trees,and flowers entirely.inviting friends,relatives,and so many works this always keeps busy and makes you more happy.these are the sweet feelings.this day comes in one time in a life so people celebrate in huge way.before this occasion they will give cloths and some form of things to brahmins because they are treated as nearly God.on the day of occasion will serve the food for so many people because they will bless the new couple to live happy.

Some people will do marriages in the temples ,marriage halls and At home.cost of the marriage is varies to people like rich and poor.but finally the meaning is same.marriage is not just a task to happen in a life it is second innings almost to you after marriage and before it.


we seen so many marriages from country to country like Indian Girl and America man and American woman and indian man.they are asking to marry in the indian culture but we are leaving our great ,together living these are not at all indian culture.we adopted from foreign countries,the fact is the foreign tourists and abroad people love to see the indian culture and want to follow it.

"Love Starts After The Marriage In India,

But Love Ends After The Marriage In Others".

How The Money Plays Key Role In Human Life.

Money is great power in the world , it can do makes the life,it breaks the will create friends and break friends. it will give happy and same time old days the trading occurs in the form of exchanging items.suppose if we nee one thing ,we will give what the worker needed as a compensation.after the days the money comes in the role. according to the hindu mythology the name will written on every single rupee you earn or spend.thats why the people are going abroad even earning the money.

according to the Hindu traditions the money should be earn in legitimate other practices are highly prohibited.even our vedics , epics ,and our upanishads always says how to man live in ideal ways.but now a days so many of them earning by curroption , fraud , robbery and in so many it good ?.the man who made the msitakes in earning money he will sent a type of hell will reserved.he deserves the punishment until his time is is definitely needed but don't run behind it.the man always look for good practices to earn.

According To You When you have enough money try to help others and who are in some voulonteer work ,take some responsibility on poor.the god always give the boon who will serve to poor but not always spend some money to devotional programmes ,and make small amount of doantion to trusts who are working for poor.Controlling Of Mind Is necessary when you are earn money, it must always useful in good way.General things are defintely need money.don't go for bad way.but it is not general.

when you have money in your hand,only you forget,when you don't have money in your hand,whole world forget you.that's Life.....


India is most different country among all in the world ,it has different traditions and customs, lifestyles too.Here we can too find different people and different religions,different god,but always have a good friendship in each let see the education culture in India.Have a look t the school children they are wearing the book bags more weight than original weight,is it really more books give more knowledgeable,of course sometimes may be. 

Our hindu culture gives more knowledge than what we can found on books,it gives the practical talent,like how to behave with people, how to learn good manners,how to help other and so many aspects in life.but we are going in wrong way.teach the children from childhood about our epics and cultures,holy books,they will learn from our life completely becomes into corporate lifestyles.corporate schools,corporate culture in everywhere, these are really good for indian culture.knowing the other culture is not bad but in the way forgetting our own is not acceptable.The Education Important but how long?,we must understand the world how it is going and how it is functioning.have a look about it.last few months back the most scared incident happened in Delhi by a gang rape on a girl.

is this our culture? every people involved in that incident are educated but what their education teaches them is molesting others.this is not accepted as a good person ,learn the basics and how to keep good relationship,as a parents you have some work in your children's growth.teach them about human values ,how to respect others, how to behave with ladies,how to help poor people.this only makes you great parents and as well as your's great children.

Nowadays education becomes the business aspect.we are counting in money ,thinking in money,then a college how can produce the nation proud people.they will also running back to money.where the new researches comes from,how the new innovations comes from,the systematical education gives you everything not just hurry in the ranks and all about a matter of excellence,success automatically chase you.

Power Of Rudraksha

Durvasa Muni:

Once Sage "Durvasa" Going To A Side Of One Type Of Hell Called "Kumbhipakam" There So Many Sinners Are Taking Serious Punishments For Their Deed In Life.The Sage Looks And Approaching It.When The Sage Reaches The Hell The Air Passed Through His Body Touches Those Sinners Then Their Deeds Are Justified And Their Punishments Are Go Away.Then Sage Describes The Story OF Rudraksha And Left The Place.Then The Place Becomes Quite Famous By Placing The Lord Shiva Statue.The Hell "Kumbhipakam" Goes Away, Indirectly Who Wears The Rudraksha ,Doesn't Have The Fear Of This Hell.

A Donkey Story:

Once Upon A Time A Merchant Sells Rudraksha For His Business Purpose.He Always Used His Donkey To Carry The Things.One Day When On The Way In Selling The Donkey Is Died While Carrying Rudraksha.Then Yama Ganas Comes To Take It's Soul, Meanwhile The Shiva Ganas Are Also  Came To Take Its Soul.The Yama Ganas Surprisingly Seeing Their Coming, Then Shiva Ganas Will Says Like This Wearing One Rudraksha Is Gives More Vice,This Is Wears Hundreds Of Rudraksha So It Is Eligible To Reach Kailasam .This Is The Boon Given By Lord Shiva Who Wears Rudraksha When The Living Creature Dies.So They Take Away It's Soul.


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