Which is the most seo friendly ecommerce platform for website building?

How about Automated SEO for your website without investing huge budgets like Google business listings, Search keywords etc. Frankly speaking, it’s not a platform but beyond that an app based solution to take your business into online without sweat.
The Boomer Marketing App is a website creator app and digital marketing platform for local and small Businesses. With Boomer, you can create a website directly from the app interface and edit the content from the comfort of your mobile phone in under 5 minutes! You can also integrate an existing website with Boomer. No coding or technical skills of building websites is necessary - it's really that easy!
Building a website – A Few Simple Steps
  1. Install Boomer.
  2. Choose a web design or template that reflects your business.
  3. Customise your website according to your requirements.
  4. Use the Gallery to showcase your work.
  5. Create a website from your mobile phone that is effective, striking and user friendly on any device or browser.
  6. Do this and much more without any knowledge of HTML, CSS or Web Development.
Features of Boomer Marketing App
  1. The app can be exclusively used from your smartphone and can help you manage your small business. With the inbuilt live chat and call features, talk to your customers and also receive in-app calls.
  2. Connecting with your customers has never been this easy.The app allows you to build a website of your choice which you can link to any of your social media platforms in real time.
  3. Manage posting & responding to comments from multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) on a single platform.Delegate work to multiple managers, handle marketing for different locations, update and edit the content on your website in real time; you can achieve all this and more with this versatile and user friendly website maker.
  4. Manage your business the right way!Boomer not only allows social media integration in real time, it also lets you integrate any existing website with Boomer with absolute ease.Use this Business Website Builder to connect to your customers and rate your effectiveness accurately.
  5. Boomer is the perfect small business app that lets you manage your business digitally and always keeps you connected with your customers With the keyword tags we provide, you also have an SEO friendly website that helps you reach newer customers.
  6. Get Your Business Online Give your business the digital presence it needs. Make sure your customers keep returning and engage with new customers – with a website built and controlled using a simple app! Edit your website any time to keep your customers in the loop using the Boomer Marketing App.
  7. Build novel marketing strategies, craft features and unique content to help your business attain the recognition it deserves. The power is in your hands! Get Boomer - an efficient website builder and digital marketing app for all your needs.
  8. Numerous features on the app work on FREE version, with some premium features available for a small monthly fee.
Support is available right within the app, as well as in the form of YouTube videos to get the most from this world's most simple, yet very advanced digital marketing platform, built exclusively for small businesses.

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