If Jayalalithaa (Amma) was so corrupt then why do the people support her so much?

Few reasons why people support her so much than being so corrupt. 
She is show as a might movie character, “Bahubali”
She is show as a might movie character, “Bahubali”
  1. Strong administrator , marketing strategy and king in implementing ideas & schemes. 
  2. First women to have 100 silver jubilee films . 
  3. First Women to have 6 times chief minister. 
  4. A lady of confidence – “PURATCHI THALAIVI” 
  5. Supreme control over party and no jumping MLA's into another party. 
  6. Maintaining a strict Law and order in the state is one of her greatest achievement.
  7. Rural Women Vote Bank. - very strong in this. 

Here’s a list of freebies offered by Jayalalithaa.
  1. Hundred units of power for every household every two months.
  2. 50% subsidies for women to buy scooters.
  3. Free laptops with INTERNET for Class 11 and 12th students.
  4. Free cellphones for all ration card holders.
  5. Rs 18,000 as maternity assistance, maternity leave for nine months
  6. Rs 40,000 crore in loans for farmers from 2016-2021.
The recent schemes got huger hit which helps poor people in this money loot society. 
Amma Canteens
Amma Unnavagam
For example :
  1. Amma Unavagam (Canteens)
  2. Amma Marundagam (Pharmacies)
  3. Amma Kaipesi Thittam (Mobile Phone Scheme)
  4. Amma Kudineer Thittam (Mineral Water Scheme)
  5. Amma Seeds
  6. Amma Cement Scheme
  7. Amma Master Health Check-up 
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