Website Review :

Do you Want complete SEO Report For Free? Here is a website called is good solution for it. this website will deeply analyses into your website and highlights major SEO issues in your website. Generally this website will shows the issues in following categories. 
  1. Common SEO Issues
  2. Speed Optimizations
  3. Server & Security
  4. Mobile Usability
  5. Social Media
Here i attached a sample image of my website , which is showing some common issues and some important fixes . the overall rating is 68/100 . This website will check the all major aspects in SEO like 
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords
  4. Most common keywords test
  5. Keyword Usage
  6. Headings Status ( H1 , H2 , H3 And H4 etc)
  7. Robots.txt ( Now every website needs Humans.txt)
  8. Sitemap Test
  9. Favicon Test And Validation
  10. Page Objects
  11. Code To Text Ratio
  12. URL SEO Friendly Test
  13. Broken Links Test
  14. Google Analytics Code Test
  15. Underscores in Links Test
  16. Google Page Rank Test
  17. Alexa Page Rank Test
  18. Image Alt Text Test
  19. Inline CSS Test
  20. Media Print Test
  21. Google Preview
  22. Keyword Cloud
  23. Deprecated HTML Tags
Speed Optimizations 
  1. HTML Page Size Test
  2. HTML Compression / G Zip Test
  3. Page Cache Test
  4. Flash Test
  5. Nested Table Test
  6. Image Expires Tag Test
  7. Doc Type Test
  8. Site Loading Speed Test
  9. Java script And CSS minification Test
Server And Security 
  1. URL Canonicalization Test
  2. Directory browsing Test
  3. LibWWW-Perl Access Test
  4. Server Signature Test
  5. Plain text Email Test
  6. Website IP Check
  7. IP Canonicalization Test
  8. Safe Browsing Test
Mobile Usability Test 
  1. Mobile Query Responsive Test
  2. Mobile Snapshot
Social Media 
  1. Social Media Check
  2. Social Media Activity.


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