Time to say goodbye to Orkut

After 10 years of service Google announced “orkut will be unavailable after September 30 , 2014”. this news was posted by the "Paulo Golgher" , Engineer Director Of Orkut . after the facebook and twitter domination many websites are disappeared from the Internet , the same situation now comes to orkut.

this is created by the Google employee "Orkut Buyukkokten"now orkut stops the new user registrations but no problems for existing user to access their photos, communities and scraps.in this time about they mentioned for shutdown you can save your photos to Google takeout. according to the some websites most of the users are from Brazil and India for orkut. so many Google products like  Google video , Buzz , And Wave no orkut comes into the club of discontinued services  .

Orkut says “tchau” , it is a Brazilian and Portuguese word that means “Bye” , want to know more about the details of shutdown and reasons for it.Why orkut is shutdown on the Orkut Blog ? and finally the orkut lovers use the orkut services as you like until the shutdown , “Hats off to you”. great work but unlucky.Don’t worry , Google+ is best alternative for it.

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