5 websites to search pincode easily

When you are sending a letter to nearer and dearer ones writing the correct pincode is necessary , sometimes letters or telegrams may delivers even without writing a pincode but writing the pincode will improve the chances of correct delivery. Now we see the finding of a pincode for exact location or city where you friends or relative are living.there are so many websites and tools are available on Internet but i feel the following websites are very easy to search pincode respectively with location based pin code search or city/villages.
  1. Location Based Pincode Search : if you want to send a letter or parcel through India post in city the tool will shown here is useful. there is no problem in sending letters to villages because the names you write for recipient are few are only same but what about in the cities?So India post introduced the pincode search  based on location , it mostly available for the top metro cities and some top municipal corporations but very useful for all.this tools includes all villages , cities and area wised search will shown an example here.
  2. Finkode.com : This website contains all the list of post offices having in a single district/city , this website used for easy and quick reference to know the exact pincode of the city or village.it will shows the taluk/mandal of the villages and where it is located through the Google maps.
  3. Pincode.net.in : this website provides a nice interface to search the pincode in drop down list , suppose if you want to send an letter to village / hamlet but you know only village name then this tool will help you sort out pincode with alphabetical searching facility.in this site all villages and cities are arranged into alphabetically , so just know the starting one or two letters of the village name then find as given as below.
  4. ctrlq.org/maps/address : This website was designed by the top tech blogger “Mr.Amit Agarwal” . this website is completely powered by Google maps API and designed with some other css codings to show the exact locations of the areas with proper address even.Really l loved this site when i using. here is an example for few.
  5. Indiapost.gov.in/pin : this is the most top widen usage in the pincode search and best resources for pincode data.this is the official website for postal departments and pin codes related data.some website may contains one pincode instead of exact pincode but this is the official one to use . so much helpful in finding of village and belongs to which taluk or mandal.it will provide the postal regions and contact number of respective post offices.among all websites running by central government this was updated continuously next to Indian railway.
However if you observe closely , the every website on the Internet related to the pin codes is completely a mirror website to India post but the way the designed and giving user interface for netigens is important.there are so many others are available but i feel these are good enough while searching the pincode and related details. you need to mention the proper landmarks and door no. and exact recipient details on the box or parcel to get proper delivery.use this website to search the pin codes and avoid  missing or diverting your valuable letters or parcels.


  1. Hi please update finkode as its not working. You have missed IndiaMapia

  2. Nice list. although i use pincodebox for the search

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