Welcome to new year 2014

Good Bye 2013 , and grand welcome to new year 2014.Lets hope this new year with more happiness to share.2013 gave some memorable moments to everybody , and lets continue this year too.there are so many ways to start this year beautifully and more effectively.Here few ways to start.
  1. Spread your happiness and don’t worry for small things.
  2. Dream is the oxygen to life , so dream big , achieve big.
  3. Have helping tendency to poor and show some sympathy on them.
  4. Try to learn new things every day, you cannot learn all those things in a single day.
  5. pray daily  your favourite god for at least 15 minutes daily to give energy and confidence on whole days.
  6. when an year changes , you should feel something going to achieve in this new year.
  7. Have smile face always , it is a solution to win friends and enemies too.
  8. Prepare health diet plan by own or consult any nutritionist to improve your healthy life.
  9. Learn forgiving , even though you didn’t make any mistake . one day he/she may realize.
  10. Think Fresh , Eat Fresh , Do Fresh , Keep Your Brain Fresh But Don’t Wash.
  11. Habituate Usage of paper made products instead of plastic covers or polythene bags.
  12. Go Green , Go India . Reduce , Recycle And Reuse.
#New Year 2014 Quote:

"Cheers A New Year , And Another Chance For Us To Get It Right – Oprah Winfrey"

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