Take Care Of Your Heart.

Heart is the main functional part of the body.due to urbanization and busy life we are neglecting our own health then it leads to new problems.now a days most of the people are suffering from heart problems. According to the World Health Organization statistics every year approximately 1.72cr people are affecting with heart and neural problems.so we need to have a look on our lifestyle and eating styles. Blood pressure and heart problems are become a common in everybody.it has so many reasons like work tesnions , pollutions , psychological problems whatever it may be , all are our life span killers. lets have some tips to keep our heart healthy and steady.
  1. Check Blood Pressure regularly , at least once in a 3 months . blood pressure have one another name called " Silent Killer".
  2. Stop smoking immediately , if it is not possible try to leave gradually .take help from specialists or any physician.
  3. Check the sugar levels in blood regularly.if levels are goes up there your problem starts.it is called as "Diabetis " . now a days handy machines are available in market to check the sugar levels instantly , buy one check for regular interval at least two months.
  4. Walk daily minimum 30 minutes or any natural exercise to keep your body fit and healthy.regular exercises gives you fresh feel and more health.dancing , running , garden work comes under this section.
  5. don't eat junk foods and street food which have more salt and masalas.Avoid cheese and fatty foods , which are heavily  deposited in readymade food or canned food.
  6. follow below numbers to keep your health in track
  • Blood Pressure - 120/80
  • Sugar Level      - 100 (after wake up) / 140 (after breakfast)
  • Cholesterol       - 200
  • BMI                  - 25
All are approximate or actual values.consult your doctor before you follow this.

BMI (Body Mass Index ) - Weight (kg) / (height*height)

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