Experienced Candidates Are Preferred than Fresher In Now Days IT Industry.

It seems to be one more financial crisis will come soon , so the companies following the cost control strategies.from past 3 years companies not taking the freshers from campus placements or off-campus.they are giving more preference to experienced candidates , because if a freshers selected , need to train first for few months and some extra costs many applicable, so they are looking for experienced candidates. in last 2013-2014  approximately,1.4 lakh people will be recruited in various companies.rapid changes in global economy few companies are cutting their own employees up to 30%.this is bad situation for future job seekers and give the negative impression to job searching candidates.

From past 10 years companies are giving preference to recruit candidates from campus placements nearly
60 % and remaining 40 % would be direct or indirect sources.the fresh candidates need training and more time to settle in to the project , right now  cost management comes into the role and open the doors for experienced guys.recently ITIR project sanctioned to Hyderabad ,Andhra Pradesh . this would give the hope to candidates while the situations are becoming worse . nearly 2 lakhs more jobs will be created by this project.

so we need to change and update our skills accordingly to the current requirements for IT industry.learning courses is not important but capabilities of candidates too.we need to have more analytical skills , logical thinking and decision making skills.the company looking for those qualities first and everything would be next.by sitting idle and waiting for job is worst make your situations very complicated , so join in a company for internship and learn the new things which is useful for your future needs.slowly the situations are changing IT ,ITES and BPO sectors and graduates are also working in BPO sectors for even though offering less salary to meet the monthly expenditures, but don’t think life was ruining.have a confidence in your heart and try to reach the goal.

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