Lord Ganesh Management Tips

Lord Ganesha is  very famous and more lovable to all devotees.we can learn so many tips from his body structure. these are nothing but a management tips for every body.
  1. Big Head – Think Big
  2. Forehead – Keen Attention.
  3. Eyes – Concentration
  4. Big Ears – Listen Carefully.
  5. Trunk – Be Attentive And Awareness Of Surroundings.
  6. Rat Vehicle – Simple Living.
  7. Over Weight – Have Self Respect Even though you are not Fit.
Lord Ganesha is definitely A Role Model For Young And Old.We Can Learn About How To Respect Parents , Attention , Work Sincerity And Many More. Children's Will Love Mostly Two gods in this world.they are  
  1. Lord Ganesha
  2. Hanuman.
so Enjoy this Vinayaka Chavithi In Huge way and celebrate with immense happiness.clay Ganesha is best for pooja And that's only traditional too. it will indirectly helping to prevent pollution of plaster of Paris.So please use clay Ganesh.

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