Windows XP And Office 2003 Have No More Support From Microsoft .


According to the reliable sources like Computer Emergency Response Team, India and Microsoft gave an announcement to xp and office 2003 users like this.there is no more support from Microsoft to xp and office 2003 from now. however they gave one year time for upgrade to latest version.

Windows XP Released In 2001 and served more than 12 years and still but it extended its support until April , 8 , 2014 for windows XP SP 3 and Windows XP x64  with SP2 versions.they extended support for Windows XP Embedded ends on January , 4 ,2016.   so this is time for upgrade to latest version like Windows 7 or 8.

Windows 8 is came with stunning features and trending now in 7 already hit the market few years back.these are the major operating system now.if you are do not upgrade from xp to any latest version it may easy to hacking and steal your personal information.

Microsoft doesn't provide any updates or security patches to keep your information secure. Microsoft Office 2013 have excellent features for office and personal use.even most users still continuing with by day they are updating with new features and security updates for newer versions.but now the time comes to say good bye for XP and Office for their contribution in our daily life .

So before ending their support and updates for XP And Office 2003 , please upgrade to Latest versions to safe and secure.

Sources : CERT India , Microsoft And Wikipedia .

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