Dream Your Life

Nothing is possible until you feel “i can do”.every body have a dreams about their life about how to get rich , successful , being special and grow well .every body dreamed about their goals but how many of them putting effort on that.life is based on what decisions you take , it must be well defined and dream oriented.we dreamed about successful relationships and good name in society , there is a  procedure to get all these things. As Abdul Kalam Said “ Don’t Live In Dreams , Try To Achieve Them”.

if our dreams remains dreams , then life turn into sad side.there is two ways of living 1.just living by oxygen or 2.Dream Driven . the decision is completely in your hands.the most and top barrier for dreams is impossible , the word commonly people feel about.the negative and “ i can’t ” attitude is worst and make you dreamless. if a scientist innovates something or created something ,  there is a invisible force drives him/her.there is a passion to find new things and wan to change this world how it looks.if you are keep on dreaming but not working on it , the result is quite simple as Time Waste and Broken.so time management and dream oriented working is highly important when you are on the path.without going in much discussion just do the simple step and follow according to that.

Before Doing the following Exercise , wants to tell a small story .One fine day after finishing the dinner i and my brother was going for a stroll.my brother was doing one business and earning some nice income with good life style.he started talking with some inspirational words and news ,  finally he gave one task to do at tonight. i agreed that and what was that ? . my brother said , take one white sheet and write down all your dreams and desire in your life which you want to get in upcoming years.so that question makes me more interested and think.i went to home just started as my brother says “ i wrote all my wishes and dreams with spending of half an hour time.finally whine i was reading just realized about “is nothing comes in my way which i am going now.” i consulted my brother in very next morning and asked what is the solution for this ? . he simply replied as follows.

paste all your dreams and wishes on wall before your sleeping bed which is visible to you when you woke up.say daily to yourself of “ I Can Do”.this makes you more energetic and dream driven.create your action plan and start working with passion.don’t try to keep your dreams as unrealistic and myths.it must be deserved by you.if you have goals with out any hard working , nothing will comes in your way. so without hardworking defining goals is a meaningless.in this case my favourite quotes is ” There is no substitute for hard work ”.if you observe any scientists or successful business man biographies ,  there you will know how they dreamt about their passions to change the world and want to create sensation.hard work never fails in anywhere.

if you see the software offices insides , there will have cubical boxes for employees to work on .Of course it might not be a comfort zone , so you must come out of the comfort zone to express your thoughts and ideas otherwise life will be miserable.if want to achieve something you must possess some skills which is needed in everybody life.so what next ? , come out of your way and take action plan about all dreams.if you set the goals without thinking of any limitations the world will be yours.then there is no chance to saying impossible .even failures teach a lesson so just admire that.once you created your path the sky is limit.finally , dream more , achieve more by work hard .

“ All Time Best Quote :” No Pain ,No Gain

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