Why India Will Become The First Inspiration To Writers.


India,if i listen this name my body will shivers with immense feeling and make me proud as an indian.you will never see the culture and traditions can followed that much in anywhere.

India,the name is powerful,love,affection,respect and beyond that. when a writer wants to write something or publish something they never need any other inspiration to begin.if they think once about india they will end with many publications.let we see the some examples how the writer can go ahead.

For Devotional Writers:

If an author want to write the devotional books or publication just go through the our traditions,customs,cultures,religious beliefs and many more available.you will get the new ideas.we have huge library of our traditional scriptures,epics,vedas,upanishads,holy books and more.you no need to go anywhere.if you read one book it will lead you to write 100 books.that is india's culture strength.the meaning of devotion is born in india.

For Historical Writers:

Go and research,the history is written on rocks and framed on stones.every kingdom has it's own story,every king has some it's inspirational touch.every culture has some proofs.they are the symbol of excellence in India.the culture starts from here.now temples what we are seeing in india mostly is.built by our history heroes.the forts,cities.whatnot.of course.you cannot get the time to write book because the time is enough to feel it.Arya,Dravida these are famous cultures in India.

Emperor Ashoka, ChandraGupta,Sri Krishna Devaraya,Chanakya and many more personalities.Those are always rolemodel for younger generations .

For Arts And Classical Writers:

Who loves to write about arts and classics just go through the indian classics in villages where the real indian culture is living.we have the more than 66 types of arts can able to perform by different people.The most famous and worldwide fans are to classical dances called as kuchipudi, bharatanatyam, kathakali, odissi,gujarathi and many more.these are unexceptional and undefinable to go with.to write a book you hardly need may be 6 motnhs but to learn dance we are practiscing from 6 years old.we have most recognized 23 more languages with script.Tamil,Telugu,Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada,gujarati,marathi,and many more.

For Political Analysts:

The Indian Politics Are Always make more heat to leaders and peoples even.if we start the debate on this meanwhile you can find the last search link in google.peoples are always fighting with price hikes,basic developments and welfare schemes.we have huge and democratic constituency run by people.we written for us.we are following to live in good manner. and set some standards and ruling according to it.by just observing this we can write a human weight book.our constituency provide the right to live anywhere in country.when some countries won't allow to live properly in native place.the religions are just like brotherhood feel,no thoughts on this.A hindu will invite muslim to sankranthi to celebrate.a muslim will invite hindu to celebrate ramjan.a christian will invite to all to celebrate christmas.

For Economics Writers:

we have the large economic system in the world.we have set of standards to run this and operate this.our leader will suggest this. The Finance minister will take care this.The reserve bank will control all nationalised and other banks.we have some boards to control the money and not to flow in illegal way.SEBI,RBI and some others will always take care about to strengthen the Indian power.India is always ready to face any challenge will come up.we are the global leaders in market.we can set the strategy to market. the top companies will always think that to launch the product first in india.because if they get market here it will automatically shows it's capability in other markets.that is our economical strength.

For Social Development And Poverty line Writers:

India means not only the development ,it has another shade also. india fighting with poverty from so many years.growing population is big drawback to it.the productivity of food grains and food products becoming much lesser.so governament not able to supply everyone with fulfil.we are importing so many types of grains, materials,goodies and many more things from foreign countries . India facing more troubles in this issue. whatever it is end of the day India will overcome this problem and become the superpower to rule this world .it gonna happens in few years.


India has so many problems like terrorism,naxalism, poverty, and corruption like so many things have to work on.End of the day we can see the new india with tagged a name as superpower to rule the world.but this may take few years,few decades or few months. anyway we can always predict the game by looking current progress.we are also part in that.we have to give our support directly or indirectly.just cheers and feel proud as An "Indian".So thats why india becoming the first inspiration to writers or authors.

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