Use Twitter Trends To Write Awesome Blog Articles.

twitter trends

Using Social media to write blog articles is a good days following on social media increases daily in huge way.the news happens anywhere it will appears in miniutes on social a blogger try to improve your articles by using the social networks. let's see the how twitter can be useful to write blog articles. facebook and twitter are now big social giants to providing social connectivity with few clicks.

twitter trends on today
Twitter Trends

  • Just Login In with your Details in twitter and watch the trending topics on twitter and what most people are tweeting. just do research before writing any articles,don't simply post what others tweets.
  • have a clear look out trends in any country and choose what location you want.but it is available for only countries.
  • Select your favourite topics to write articles like politics, news, technology,pop stars, and what not.just go ahead.
  • Share your blog articles on twitter and it makes more backlinking to your articles and your blog you can find the example to see.
  • Don't Write Negative Articles About Whatever is trending now.  just make thinkable and informative to follow. if you write negative articles it may hurts human feelings.

Whatever you write in online just think before is it ethical to write and be Inspired next keep cool and just go trending.

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