Narayana Murthy backs to Infosys As A Executive Chairman.

Narayana Murthy
Photo : Courtesy With insaights

The Legend Backs To Infosys To Set Right The Instability happening in Infosys.The Team Management Believes Again His Strategic And Actioned Plan Thinking to setright the company strategy on good way.

we know the leadership lacking from past few years when murthy left the infosys.even though the banking monster K.V.Kamath won't show any influence on Software Industry.Investors , clients , employees losing the confidence in this the rocking performer backs to on screen.

Day by day operations are ruining , employees are losing confidence,investor and share markets are getting down ,in this horrible situation Mr.Narayana Murthy on Knife Edge .

Anyway the markets are already boost up by his coming up.he resigned in infosys as board of directors in past 7 years back.but the company have no any other alternative to pull out in this situation except murthy.

So board of directors form the meeting and decided to setback murthy upto 5 year long this time murthy will take a sinlge rupee as a salary.another glismping moment is his son rohan narayana murthy apposinted as his assistant and he also ask to pay the salary an amount of 1 rupee.The Retirement Rules Are Change In Infosys Fro 60 years to 75 years as it is convinience of Murthy.

I Didn't Expect This: 

After Taking Responsibilities As A Executive Chairman He Talked With Press meet,he goes like this

1.i have divorced with infosys completely.

2.i didn't expected this in anytime will come back.

3.i have observed so many work to do after the retirement but now happens is different, K.V.Kamath Asked Me To Come back Infosys as A Chairman,I Just Shocked and Got Dilemma.

4.Absolutely this is second innings to me,this time my son rohan will support me as a executive assistant.i am very thankful to all.

5.Infosys 3.0 is what we planned ,but it is not individual it is company done.shibulal will lead this team.this has three strategic plans included.

  1. Giving Support To Clients And Keep Them Happy.
  2. increase the productivity,And services in regular basis.
  3. develop the huge applications and keep maintenance.

How Infosys Started:

Murthy And His six Co Engineers started the infosys with just 250$ in 1981 ,in this 30 years their hard work make this company is best company for outsourcing,and services section.the first company listed in america's worth becomes nearly 40,000 crores organization.

Role In Infosys:

  1. 1981-2002 - CEO.
  2. 2002- 2006 - Chairman.
  3. 2006 - 2011 - Executive Chairman.
  4. 2011 - He Resigned.
  5. 2013- jun-1 - executive chairman (back to infosys.)

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