Keep Your Mind Always Ready To Accept Information.

Listening skills are necessary for who want to become a good leader or self-improvement.information must key part in the game. for this purpose you try to keep your mind to accept information.

Once there is a man called raju,he always fell himself as " i know everything",he will use to tell everybody's before them to make them feel guilty.His mind not willing to listen is anybody want to say something.then story goes like this.

one day a sage came to his village and giving his devotional speeches to people and everybody feel good about it.But raju want to test sage and went to ask teach something to him.sage founded his behaviour and want to teach lesson.

The very next day sage call raju and offered a tea to drink.then sage pouring the tea in raju's cup ,he continues pouring tea but raju didn't understand what he is doing.the cup is overflowing and and floats to towels and everything just got tea stains.then raju asked the sage , "sir what are you doing,you cannot fill it any more.then why are you doing this."

The Sage Replied then this what i want to tell you,"your mind thinking like i know everything",in this attitude you cannot learn be prepare your mind to ready to accept cannot get the infomormation when the time is over.

So don't show your knowledge who cannot understand or unable, just try to teach them.if you show you are much knowledgeable they may feel guilty.don't show your just empty your cups and go ahead.And Every person have some useful information which you don't are not that much knowledgeable person .So everybody have their own and different talents,so don't make fun at them. Listening is one of the important qualities of a leader . Information is the key to reach heights and best knocks.


"Keep Your Mind Always Ready To Accept Information,

Don't Show Your Conceit,otherwise you cannot learn anything".

Inspired From Robin Sharma's "Leader Who Had No Title."

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