How The Money Plays Key Role In Human Life.

Money is great power in the world , it can do makes the life,it breaks the will create friends and break friends. it will give happy and same time old days the trading occurs in the form of exchanging items.suppose if we nee one thing ,we will give what the worker needed as a compensation.after the days the money comes in the role. according to the hindu mythology the name will written on every single rupee you earn or spend.thats why the people are going abroad even earning the money.

according to the Hindu traditions the money should be earn in legitimate other practices are highly prohibited.even our vedics , epics ,and our upanishads always says how to man live in ideal ways.but now a days so many of them earning by curroption , fraud , robbery and in so many it good ?.the man who made the msitakes in earning money he will sent a type of hell will reserved.he deserves the punishment until his time is is definitely needed but don't run behind it.the man always look for good practices to earn.

According To You When you have enough money try to help others and who are in some voulonteer work ,take some responsibility on poor.the god always give the boon who will serve to poor but not always spend some money to devotional programmes ,and make small amount of doantion to trusts who are working for poor.Controlling Of Mind Is necessary when you are earn money, it must always useful in good way.General things are defintely need money.don't go for bad way.but it is not general.

when you have money in your hand,only you forget,when you don't have money in your hand,whole world forget you.that's Life.....

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