How Build Good Relationship with Others.

Build good Relationship with others

our life span is so little like water bubble which breaks any time.The god will always test us in so many ways  and loads with so many responsibilities and tasks.our duty is just simply do it.accept what you get as they this money minded world we are looking for money,money......Forget that and try to fill happiness in your life.

God will write the name whatever you earn ,so please donate some money to poor people.Kindly have a healthy relationships with others.there are so many ways to build a good relationships.our vedics,epics just mentioning this.lets take marriage, see how it is good to see with relatives,friends .these are everything will happening with good relationships.that is the power of our hindu wedding culture and traditions. 

It doesn't matter how long you lived,but how long others will remember you is there is no much difference between rich and poor people.all are equal.the god will exists everywhere . leave your personal enemies like angry,greedy,jealousy.try to habituate to stay calm and cool.maintain the peace.then see the world how beautifully looks to you.

Nothing You will you until you feel "mine",feel like "ours".the world balancing in this strategy only.the relations are highly acceptable.some people will maintain the distance when they got money.but this is not fare.if you lost everything what will you the real friends and relative are always with you even you are rich or poor.just take care of youself .

 In our life we are passing so many people,everybody won't come with you.they are just passing clouds.but take care about who will become rain and pour on you.we feel very sad when they left us but be confident they will must replace in future.they will love you as you are good relationships are very crucial.

Don't worry what happened it past,it is not in your hands,don't think what happen in might hurts if something not happens what you today is reality, just believe just do it.have a nice day.

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