Great Fact About Indian Hindu Weddings.

indian marriage

India has different culture,religions,people,languages etc.but people here living in brotherhood feeling.this only makes this country called for "unity in diversity".

Especially the hindu culture is mixed with more traditions and so many internal is most beautiful and memorable day in everybody's life.The hindu marriage is following so many countries.

According to our vedics,the marriage defines a beautiful way.A person life fulfills when he or she gets married.The marriage is not just a wife and husband meaning,it include so many things like love, responsibility,spirituality,unity and undefinable feeling between couple.

The day will be more enjoyable and decorate the home with banana trees,and flowers entirely.inviting friends,relatives,and so many works this always keeps busy and makes you more happy.these are the sweet feelings.this day comes in one time in a life so people celebrate in huge way.before this occasion they will give cloths and some form of things to brahmins because they are treated as nearly God.on the day of occasion will serve the food for so many people because they will bless the new couple to live happy.

Some people will do marriages in the temples ,marriage halls and At home.cost of the marriage is varies to people like rich and poor.but finally the meaning is same.marriage is not just a task to happen in a life it is second innings almost to you after marriage and before it.


we seen so many marriages from country to country like Indian Girl and America man and American woman and indian man.they are asking to marry in the indian culture but we are leaving our great ,together living these are not at all indian culture.we adopted from foreign countries,the fact is the foreign tourists and abroad people love to see the indian culture and want to follow it.

"Love Starts After The Marriage In India,

But Love Ends After The Marriage In Others".

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