Best Dialogues From Telugu Cinemas.

Some Powerful And Inspirational Telugu Cinema Dialogues For You.

1. when you money is lost,something you lost,when you character is lost,everything you lost.-Victory Venkatesh.

2. smile means friendship,not innocence.the world may have small minded people but not have small graded works - Prabhas.

3.There is no kick in the winning  ,it just introduce  you to this world.but just loose one time, the world will self introduce to you.-Nagarjuna. can learn even on internet but manners can learn from master only - Pilla Jamindar.

5. God Create People To Love , Things To Use, But Fact Is The Reversely Doing In This Ages.- Kanna Babu.

6. the world has only two casts one is rich and another is poor.-Vedham.

7.there is no difference in when you have nobody to appreciate in your success as well as in your failure.- Venkatesh.

8.the lover must don't have fear,if you fear don't Love.don't love with fear and worry too.

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