Be A Good Human.

be human

We are living in modern life and most advanced technical life where human relations are not exists.We are learning so much day by day but not how to behave properly with the name of development we are going back.we need to learn so many things which is not even available in our books.


Two software engineers are unexpectedly meet each other.Then the conversation goes like this.

S/w Engineer 1:Hi,how are you,i met you after long time.

S/w Engineer 2 : I am fine.

S/w Engineer 1 : i joined in XXX Company they are giving some huge package.

S/w Engineer 1 : they are giving 5 lakhs per annum,but not enough.

S/w Engineer 1 : Recently I Bought One Villa In The City.

S/w Engineer 1 : I Bought One Car Last Month And Gave Order To Another Car.i am going to take that ok ,bye. 

See this conversation around goes materials and money not between relationships.we are wasting our life with each minute if you are not doesn't gives you happy.the work you do with satisfaction gives happy.but what is going on now days is giving importance to money and things.then how we can expect humanity from others. Build Good Relationship With Others.

So Finally,

What we will know is give the importance to people not money. Love the people and see the happiness daily in your face.

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