Advantages Of Eating Food In Banana Leaf.


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In this modern and fast growing world , we are losing our traditions and customs in India.eating food in banana leaf is one in that.This practice have so many advantages and good for human life.

1.Banana leafs are cheaper than the plastic items like papers and cups.
2.Banana Leaves Are easily destroyable and dilute in earth in rapidly.these are environmental friends.
3.usage of water is very less while comparing with plastic and steel items for cleaning purpose.
4.Ayurveda gives most important to banana is widely used in many treatments.
5.we can cut the leaves in different sizes as we like it.
this is the one of the best tradition for telugu people culture. eating food daily in banana leaf and sitting on the floor, will acts as best remedy for joint pains.
7.This will help to farmers to earn more income.
8.Hindu traditions are suggesting this practice.

we can see this culture widely in Tamilnadu hotels, houses ,and marriages even in so many functions.this is the best culture for everyone.Glsobal Warming is the biggest problem in now a days.the main reason is usage of plastics,these are not easily destroyable in will damages the ground water try to follw using this you will indirectly helps to the environment.

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