Prevent Hair Breakage By Following Few Tips.

Hair Breakage is one of the common problem in now a will starts from roots,so while you are going to spa or home methods just  take care about hair breakages.always remember costly products always doesn't give 100% results,whatever just follow some home remedies,and watch the results.Here we see the few tips to prevent hair breakage.

  1. Don't use hot water to hair,the excessive heat can break the roots of hair,so next when you are going to bath use mild or nail bit is one main cause to hair breakage.
  2. Don't use the shampoos or any conditioners which included the harmful chemicals to your hair like Ammonia.Check the ingredients of a product when you are buying a shampoo or any hair care product.
  3. Take almond oil and heat up to 30 seconds in a bowl , pour on head and just simply do the massage with fingers till to reach the roots of hair.
  4. Use olive oil it is best conditioner for hair oil.and you can use amla oil doing massage with amla oil the excessive body heat will goes prevents the hair falling and hair breakage.
  5. Don't use the hairdryer to dry the hair after bathing,just leave for natural way or you can use a cleaned towel to take out wet.
  6. use egg white for conditioning purpose,Apply Lemon directly on hair before 15 minutes to go for bathing.use mild shampoos to wash the hair.
  7. Maintain some healthy diet by eating more vegetable and walnuts,cashew,some grains.these are good;sources of proteins.
  8. Protein Deficiency is also main cause to Hair Breakage. 


The Hair Breakages due to heavy pollution and summer heat also,so when you are going out take a cap or umbrella with you.don't walk in rain because some type contaminants breaks your hair.After you come from outside to home just shampoo your hair.but don't do hair bath daily,just have 2 times in a week is enough.consult doctor before proceed.Stop Hair Falling Or Hair Breakage With These Natural Methods.

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