India is most different country among all in the world ,it has different traditions and customs, lifestyles too.Here we can too find different people and different religions,different god,but always have a good friendship in each let see the education culture in India.Have a look t the school children they are wearing the book bags more weight than original weight,is it really more books give more knowledgeable,of course sometimes may be. 

Our hindu culture gives more knowledge than what we can found on books,it gives the practical talent,like how to behave with people, how to learn good manners,how to help other and so many aspects in life.but we are going in wrong way.teach the children from childhood about our epics and cultures,holy books,they will learn from our life completely becomes into corporate lifestyles.corporate schools,corporate culture in everywhere, these are really good for indian culture.knowing the other culture is not bad but in the way forgetting our own is not acceptable.The Education Important but how long?,we must understand the world how it is going and how it is functioning.have a look about it.last few months back the most scared incident happened in Delhi by a gang rape on a girl.

is this our culture? every people involved in that incident are educated but what their education teaches them is molesting others.this is not accepted as a good person ,learn the basics and how to keep good relationship,as a parents you have some work in your children's growth.teach them about human values ,how to respect others, how to behave with ladies,how to help poor people.this only makes you great parents and as well as your's great children.

Nowadays education becomes the business aspect.we are counting in money ,thinking in money,then a college how can produce the nation proud people.they will also running back to money.where the new researches comes from,how the new innovations comes from,the systematical education gives you everything not just hurry in the ranks and all about a matter of excellence,success automatically chase you.

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