Power Of Rudraksha

Durvasa Muni:

Once Sage "Durvasa" Going To A Side Of One Type Of Hell Called "Kumbhipakam" There So Many Sinners Are Taking Serious Punishments For Their Deed In Life.The Sage Looks And Approaching It.When The Sage Reaches The Hell The Air Passed Through His Body Touches Those Sinners Then Their Deeds Are Justified And Their Punishments Are Go Away.Then Sage Describes The Story OF Rudraksha And Left The Place.Then The Place Becomes Quite Famous By Placing The Lord Shiva Statue.The Hell "Kumbhipakam" Goes Away, Indirectly Who Wears The Rudraksha ,Doesn't Have The Fear Of This Hell.

A Donkey Story:

Once Upon A Time A Merchant Sells Rudraksha For His Business Purpose.He Always Used His Donkey To Carry The Things.One Day When On The Way In Selling The Donkey Is Died While Carrying Rudraksha.Then Yama Ganas Comes To Take It's Soul, Meanwhile The Shiva Ganas Are Also  Came To Take Its Soul.The Yama Ganas Surprisingly Seeing Their Coming, Then Shiva Ganas Will Says Like This Wearing One Rudraksha Is Gives More Vice,This Is Wears Hundreds Of Rudraksha So It Is Eligible To Reach Kailasam .This Is The Boon Given By Lord Shiva Who Wears Rudraksha When The Living Creature Dies.So They Take Away It's Soul.

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