Love this is word have so many definitions and expression can do which is nothing gonna have.everybody has some different opinions but ultimately the feeling and target is unique.the magic something gonna happen everytime and every minute when you are in that feeling and makes some stupidous laughs too.this can be understood and observed who are in love and who are best to define love.

When you are proposing to girl or boy the smile on your face and the movement of shivering lips can ultimately gives the most happiness in the world, million rupees can't give that happiness. the mother and son have one type of love,father and son have one type of love, but younger boy and younger girl have different love.the parents love is ultimately highlight in all time these are mixed with emotions,sacrifice and satisfaction never fails in any case. but most saddest thing is younger boy and girls love.these are mixed with more sad and tears especially a days the life becomes like that.everybody has  a mentality in different aspects not true in love.they are misusing it.

love is  doesn't exists in money,it needs sacrifice ,helping,understanding,involvement,and most happy moments together ,making funny together,but everybody knows what happening in now a days.the real true lover always love a girls until his lasts breaths.just got inside thats it. "Love Is Great."

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