Useful Railway Websites And Abbreviations.


Railways are Most wide Network In India,Nearly 25 Million Passengers Are Traveling Daily.Nearly 1.5 Million employees Are Working In Railways Department.It Is A Huge Employer In India. Here We Can See The Some Railway Websites Which Most Using Daily For Reservation Purpose and Information.


Accommodations In railways.
1A - First Class Air Conditioned Coach

2A - Second Class Air Conditioned sleeper Coach.

FC - First Class Accommodation.

3A - Third Class Air Conditioned Coach.

CC - Air Conditioned Chair Car.

SL - Sleeper Class.

2S - Second Seating.

Positioning Of Reservation Tickets.

WL -Wait Listed Tickets.

GN - General.

LD - Ladies.

RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation.

DF - Defence Quota.

FT - Foreign Tourist Quota.

DP - Duty Pass Quota.

PH - Parliament House Quota.

HQ - Handicapped Quota.

WaitList Abbreviations.

RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation ,It refers To Reservation For Sitting Accommodation Until you will Conformation Of Berths.The RAC Passenger Can Avail To Board On A Train.The Most Of The Cases The Single Berth Will Allot To Two Members,It Is Much Better To Not Having Seat.Just Have Timepass With Co-passenger.

RLWL - Remote Location Wait List,It Refers To Intermediate Station Booking The Tickets To Last Destination If Train Departed From Origin.No Booking Available For Source Station.
PQWL - Pooled Quota Wait List,it Refers To The Reservation Between Two Intermediate Stations In A Single Train Route,It Is Simply A Wait List,chances Are Few In Waitlisted Ticket to Confirm. In Huge Case.

RQWL - Request Quota Wait List,It Refers To No PQWL Is Available Then RQWL Will Generated To Reservation Tickets.
CKWL - Tatkal Waitlist,It Refers To Tatkal Tickets Which Are In Waitlist. It Will Give More Preference To Cancelled Tickets.
WL - Waiting List , It Refers To Reservation Tickets To End To End Journey In Train SIngle Route.
CAN/MOD- The Ticket IS Cancelled Or Modified.
CNF - The Ticket Is Confirmed,Then Berth And Coaches Number Will Allotted After Preparation Of Chart.
REGRET/WL - The Booking Will Not Permitted At this Time.
RELEASED - The Ticket Not Cancelled But Alternative Accommodation Will Provided.

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