Important Qualities For A Leader


A Leader Who Want to lead a team or a group of people must have following qualities.these are some basic and important qualities of a leader.Quality Must meets the customer requirements. Leadership Involves Trust In Others.If You Don't Trust The Success Cannot Be Deserved.

  • To Lead And Make Difficult Decisions.
  • To Set The Strategy Of  The Organization.
  • Be Able To Communicate Effectively.
  • To Be Able To Build A Good Team.
  • To Promote Accountability.
  • To Be Able To Delegate.
  • Reward Good Performance And Deal With Non-Performance. 
  • Groom Your Successor.
  • Have Good Listening Skills.
  • To Pay Attention To Detail When Necessary.
  • A Crisis Situation Offers An Opportunity To Leader To Show His Strength And His Qualities. 
  • No Leader Makes Right Decision Every Time,But Good Leader Not Afraid To Take Decision.
  • Not Good For A Leader To Dwell On A Problem At Length And Not Make Timely Decision.

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